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Whitepaper - From Hype to Investment: Hydrogen in 2023 – An LCP Delta view

Our team of hydrogen experts reflects on how the hydrogen market is evolving and highlights the five checkpoints to look out for a successful 2023:

  • 7.3 GW of green hydrogen projects waiting to receive FID in 2023
  • Europe bogged down in getting the rules right while the US powers ahead
  • The first ‘giga-year’ for hydrogen installations in Europe
  • The first steps towards a globally traded commodity
  • Hydrogen distribution and storage comes into focus

The hydrogen market is reaching an inflexion point where hype is materialising into investment – and 2023 is looking like it could be a pivotal year.

Check out our new video explaining HYbaseHYbase is a platform which allows you to track the latest project updates for green hydrogen projects across Europe in a centralised, easy to use platform. 

If you have any questions about our latest whitepaper or HYbase, please contact Nerea Martinez, Manager of our Hydrogen Intelligence Service.

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