The spotlight shines on distribution networks

A new whitepaper from Delta-EE

Distribution networks are entering a brave new age. They have done their job excellently in Europe in the previous decades – distributing electricity from the transmission system to households and businesses in an efficient, cost-effective, reliable manner.

But the nature of their job is changing radically. In some European countries this change is well underway; in others it is largely still to come.

The energy transition brings two massive challenges to DSOs.

  1. Connecting large amounts of renewable generation to networks
  2. Accommodating increasing electrification of transport and heat.

No longer can DSOs solely rely on their traditional toolkits such as network-reinforcement and direct load control.

Find out more about these challenges and more in our new free whitepaper.

Arthur Jouannic

Arthur Jouannic

Head of Business Development - Europe
Silvestros Vlachoupolos

Silvestros Vlachoupolos

Principal Analyst