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Building for 2050 - research into low carbon, low-cost, new build housing

Tuesday October 26th, 10am-12pm BST

The Building for 2050 project, led by multi-disciplinary consultancy AECOM, is a major project funded by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). Its purpose is to identify the drivers, attitudes, barriers and challenges relating to the large-scale delivery and uptake of low cost, low carbon housing in England and Wales. It considers both the pull and push factors relating to delivery of housing fit for the future. Increasingly, the numbers of such homes being built will contribute to the ambitious targets within the UK Clean Growth Strategy and reduce energy use and bills for residents, while delivering attractive and comfortable homes.

We would welcome your attendance at a final project webinar on the on 26th October, to hear the findings and recommendations of the project, while also presenting an opportunity for the representatives of the wider sector to provide feedback to the project team and BEIS. Observations from the design and construction stages and analysis of the performance, together with the opinions provided, will help inform the steps required to accelerate the uptake of low cost, low carbon homes in the UK.

Social comparisons: the challenges with many of today’s tools, and how to build compelling solutions that engage customers

Social or peer comparisons are used in ~30% of more advanced energy insights apps in Europe today. But current solutions could do more to better engage residential customers. In this webinar, hosted by Delta-EE’s Energy Insights + team, we will be sharing recent research highlights and new thinking in how to develop social comparison tools to bring sustained engagement and behaviour change. In this webinar, our team will discuss:
• What social comparison tools are and how they work
• What the key challenges are in designing compelling social comparisons tools
• How four key design elements should seamlessly weave together to create a solution to drive customer engagement and energy efficiency.

The energy transition in 2021: entering a new era


The Future of Flexibility, featuring SmartEN

The 2020s will be pivotal for the development of flexibility to support the energy transition. This webinar, co-hosted by Delta-EE & SmartEN, will comprise of 3 sessions lasting 35 minutes each.

1. EU Regulations -  With the announcement of the Fit for 55 package following closely behind the Recovery Plan for Europe, & ongoing implementation of the Clean Energy for All Europeans package, EU policies to support & fund the energy transition are not in short supply. This session outlines key measures & assess progress.

2. Future of flex markets -  The growth of both large & small scale renewables will bring challenges to grid management, increasing the need for faster acting & local flex services, but new distributed assets will be capable of providing flexibility, if they can participate in markets & their costs justify the investment. This session focuses on the emerging system needs, how TSOs outside the European Synchronous Grid are responding to the fall in inertia, & the growing role of eMobility.

3. The Evolution of Networks - Implementation of the regulations & accommodation of new assets is leading to a more active role for network operators, while some consumers are taking matters into their own hands via islanded microgrids & energy communities. This session assessed the changing role of DSOs, coordination with TSOs via development of a Network Code for flexibility, & the emergence of energy communities.

The energy transition in 2021: entering a new era


Opportunities and challenges for DSOs in the energy transition

DSOs will be increasingly in the spotlight as the energy transition gathers pace. In this webinar, we host a panel discussion between three of Europe’s leading DSOs. Leaders from Enel Global Infrastructure, Alliander and UK Power Networks pick and discuss the top three opportunities and challenges they see for their companies and the wider DSO sector.

The energy transition in 2021: entering a new era


European EV Charging: State of the Market & Future Trends

The last 18 months has seen unprecedented change and rapid developments across the European electric vehicle (EV) and charging sectors. The European Commission has announced their ‘Fit for 55’ package, requiring all new cars to be zero-emission from 2035. Vehicle manufacturers are doubling down on their electrification strategies, pivoting away from internal combustion engines. And car owners are choosing to go electric in ever greater numbers.

But will the charging infrastructure keep pace with the vehicles?

In this webinar, hosted by Delta-EE’s EV Team, we’ll be presenting the latest highlights from our EV Charging Research Service. Join our experts as we discuss:

  • The key takeaways from our 3rd annual European EV Owner Survey: Where are EV drivers charging their cars?
  • Our updated EV forecasts to 2030: What has changed in the last 12 months?
  • The evolving EV charging mix in the next 5 years: How can chargepoints keep up with the growth of EVs?
  • Our opinions on ‘Trends to Watch’ in 2022

The energy transition in 2021: entering a new era


The State of the New Energy Market - What progress has been made in 2020 in the transition from old to new energy?

Despite the COVID-19 outbreak, the new energy market in Europe is progressing faster: customer spend in 2020 has increased by 53%, compared to 46% in 2019. This webinar from Delta-EE’s New Energy Business Model Service presents key market metrics and evidence of the shift from selling energy as a commodity to selling new energy products and services. We will cover a broad range of product areas, such as eMobility, New Heating, Storage or Smart Buildings – both in the C&I and residential segments - and will provide deep-dives into these different markets, including the presentation of successful propositions and market activities.

The energy transition in 2021: entering a new era


The energy transition in 2021: entering a new era

Delta-EE's Senior Leadership Team will be sharing their thoughts on where they see the energy transition after the first six months of 2021, and as the world starts to get ready to get back to (almost) normal. They will discuss their thoughts on the latest news in this space, covering topics such as new energy investments, oil majors in trouble, new majors in renewable energies, the green recovery, and new innovations. Attendees will also have the chance for you to ask questions and engage with our speakers. 

The energy transition in 2021: entering a new era


Where might electrification win the battle for decarbonisation of heating and hot water over the next decade?

Which geographies and market segments are most attractive for electrification today and why? How is the evolving policy landscape across Europe creating opportunities – and threats – to electrification? How will decarbonisation of gas or the emerging flexibility market affect the electrification opportunity? Which electric solutions will be the winners, where, and why? Join us as we discuss the outlook for electrification of heating and hot water in some of the most hotly contested battlegrounds for decarbonisation of heat in Europe, drawing on highlights from our recent research under the Electrification of Heat Service.


Opportunities for Local Energy Systems in Commerce and Industry

Most people are familiar with Local Energy Systems such as energy communities which address the needs of households. This webinar will explore the opportunities for Local Energy Systems in the C&I sectors and will present case studies showcasing examples of C&I Local Energy Systems. It will illustrate different applications and business models such as energy communities, collective self-consumption, and microgrids.


Opportunities for Local Energy Systems in Commerce and Industry


What can DSOs learn from the practises used to integrate renewables in the UK and the Netherlands?

DSOs are facing an ongoing challenge: They need to ensure the quality of electricity supply, while at the same time facilitate the energy transition by allowing an increasingly large volume of renewable energy into their networks. This webinar will look at what those challenges to the quality of supply look like and what are some of the solutions deployed by DSOs in the UK and the Netherlands, two of the leading countries in Europe with regards to the energy transition.

What DSOs need to know about transactive energy

Transactive energy is about using economic mechanisms to balance supply and demand, potentially across the whole electricity system, while meeting customers needs. In this webinar we will explore the drivers and enablers bring the topic of transactive energy into the spotlight today, how the energy system could evolve under transactive energy and what can this transition means for DSOs.

The top 10 use cases of real-time energy data

Interest in real-time energy data is intensifying in Europe as it overcomes key data processing challenges with smart meter data around data timeliness, granularity as well as availability in some countries. In this webinar we will explore leading use cases in the residential market and answer key questions, including:
• How developed is the consumer-facing real-time energy data market in Europe?
• What are the 10 leading use cases of real-time energy data?
• How can they be used to drive customer engagement?

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Business Models

What are the smart plays in new energy? Find out about the most exciting business models for the 2020s

Thursday February 6th 10.30am GMT

Energy as a Service? Aggregators? P2P trading? PPAs? Home services platform? In the wide-ranging and rapidly-evolving world of new energy, identifying the winning business models is a tough ask. In this webinar, our New Energy Business Models research team will present findings from their recent in-depth report on “what are the smart plays?”

The webinar will share findings on:
• The factors which will determine the winning plays
• Our top picks for smarter plays in the 2020s
• Key ways to improve scalability of business models

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 The battle for the energy customer relationship is heating up

10am BST, Wednesday 18th September, 2019

In this webinar we look at four key new market entrants: Oil Majors, Technology Giants, HVAC and Automotive manufacturers, and consider:

  • Why they are entering New Energy
  • How they compare (financials, strengths & weaknesses) – to each other, as well as the energy retail incumbents
  • What they are actually doing, and what this means for the wider energy transition

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Follow the money – who is investing what in ‘New Energy’ and why it matters

Wednesday 3rd October, 10.30am BST

6 key investor groups are making major moves – find out who and what it means?

2018 so far feels like the year of the new energy investment. The pace of investment in new energy has ramped up, with investments being made across the board into a huge range of new energy businesses. But what do these moves really tell us about the future success of existing suppliers or challenger start-ups? Our latest in-depth report from the ‘New Energy’ Business Model Service examines who the key investing companies are and what kinds of business models are hot – or not. S

Delta-ee explores:
- Hot areas of investment
- Who is snapping up investments – and how serious is their intent in new energy?
- What might this mean for future strategy?

For more information you can get in touch via

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Trends shaping the heating sector: Online heating sales platforms

Wednesday 23rd April, 10am BST

Delta-ee explores: 
- The state of the market – what is the business model, who is active, why the fuss? 
- What do customers think? A case study from the British market. 
- Industry Q & A facilitated by Delta-ee 

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Is Japan the land of the rising sun for European companies?

Tuesday 24th April, 10.30am BST

Japan is undergoing a major transformation of its energy market, moving away from regulated to a full market liberalisation in both electricity and gas sectors. The nature of the Japanese energy market is expected to change, with new businesses and innovative technologies entering the market. What opportunities does this change present for European companies with ‘new energy’ propositions? 
Delta-ee has been active in Japan for many years and has an intimate knowledge of the market.

In this webinar, Delta-ee will share insights from our recent work into: 

  • opportunities that are opening up in Japan 
  • types of business models we see potentially working in Japan 
  • partnering with Japanese companies

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How to make money in 'New Energy' #6 - Bundling

Wednesday 6th December, 2017

While bundling goods and services into a single offering is by no means a new idea, within the Energy world it represents an important innovation trend. Not only can this approach help companies to better serve customers, but it can also create much-needed revenue as commodity profit margins are squeezed. Join us to find out: 
1. How the bundling model has been adapted to suit the rapidly changing Energy space 
2. Where we see the market developing 
3. What is required to be successful with this approach

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How to make money in 'New Energy' #5 - Lifestyle Products

Friday 17th November, 2017

 Customers want peace-of-mind, convenience & control, to have fun, and connect emotionally with brands… 

Join us to explore how Lifestyle Products, that focus on improving experience/quality of life as opposed to strictly financials/saving money, are being incorporated into the world of ‘New Energy’ business models. 

- Which innovations are the ones to watch? 
- How are they engaging customers? … early adopters vs mass market 
- What next in this very new & ultra-competitive market?

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If you would like a copy of the slides, please contact Charmaine Coutinho.

How to make money in 'New Energy' #4 - Efficient Consumption

Wednesday 25th October, 2017

As data analytics improve and with more customer data available than ever, opportunities are arising for businesses to empower customers to make informed energy decisions – saving both energy & money. 

Join us to find out: 
- Is data revolutionising the efficiency market? 
- Which innovations are gaining traction and why? 
- What are the biggest challenges to success in this field?

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If you would like a copy of the slides, please contact Jenny Carson.

How to make money in 'New Energy' #3

Tuesday 26th September, 2017

Product vs Service – fundamentally changing the way in which you engage with your customers. Find out how ‘New Energy’ business models are innovating with Energy as a Service propositions. 

- What approaches are companies bringing to market – and how will they evolve?
- Key lessons learnt
- And critically… how do end users feel about these proportions?

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How to make money in 'New Energy' #2

Wednesday 19th July, 2017

Everyone knows that the value in the future will be less in the amount of energy used or produced, and increasingly in the timing of energy consumption, generation and/or storage. What business models can companies develop in response? 

Our research identifies 3 approaches - watch this webinar: 
- Explore our Time-of-Use Optimisation ‘new energy’ business model pillar 
- Find out which innovations are the ones to watch 
- Find out how they are engaging customers

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How to make money in 'New Energy' #1

In this webinar, we will explore how companies are creating new energy marketplaces and new ways in which customers are buying energy, as well as related products and services.

Which innovations are the ones to watch? How and why are they engaging customers? What role does blockchain play?

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