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There is no slowing down for the European connected home market

Wednesday 23rd September, 9am BST / 10am CEST

The COVID-19 crisis has barely impacted the acceleration of the connected home market, which keeps growing at a serious pace across Europe. There is now a complete portfolio of connected climate controls available in the market and all kinds of companies are embracing the digitalisation of controls.

The webinar will include:

  • A product by product overview, focusing on energy and climate controls
  • A zoom in on some of the most interesting European countries and the evolution of the market
  • The latest innovations in terms of products and services

Smart Electric Vehicle Charging with the Customer and the Grid in Mind

In this webinar, Delta-EE, Kaluza and UKPN come together as independent market analysers, a domestic flexibility provider and a DNO/DSO (grid distribution and network operator) to discuss the role of Smart EV Charging from the context of:

  • The opportunity it presents to provide flexibility services
  • The value chain and potential financial aspects / rewards to end customers, and CAPEX reductions to the electricity system
  • The challenges that face an efficient roll out and uptake of Smart EV Charging

What are automotive OEMs doing to position themselves as winners in the eMobility ecosystem?

Watch this webinar to hear from our EV experts as they discuss:

  • Classification of the different Automotive OEM approaches
  • Different strategies to enable customers to get electrified
  • Opportunities for OEMs to play a bigger part in the eMobility ecosystem

EV Charging at the Crossroads: Introducing the fast, the curious and the race for scale

The Global Mobility Team at Drake Star Partners will co-host this webinar with EV experts at Delta-EE, sharing our combined views on the most recent market and investment developments within the EV Charging domain.

Topics covered will include:

  1. Complexity of EV charging ecosystem
  2. Finding Value in EV charging
  3. Drivers behind sector consolidation
  4. Capital formation developments
  5. What’s next - Future investments and M&A expectations

Introducing Local Energy Systems Business Models

What kind of business models are being implemented for Local Energy Systems? How do the various business models actually work, which ones offer the greatest potential? What is the role for energy suppliers and network operators? Where does the value come from?

In the previous Delta-EE webinar introducing Local Energy Systems, we presented an overview of the kind of concepts and projects that were emerging. A number of questions were raised, including those above, which this forthcoming webinar will seek to address.

We will outline the characteristics of the various models being implemented and explain their respective advantages and limitations. Some of these are well-established and are both scalable and profitable. Other, more innovative models seek to engage with communities and capture alterative revenue streams in a world where subsidies for renewable energy are being withdrawn.

The webinar will include a number of case studies intended to illustrate particular characteristics which affect the economic or other values of each approach with a detailed look at the German Mieterstrom model.

EMMES 4.0 - the latest on the energy storage market

• How has the overall European storage market developed over the last 12 months?
• What are the trends in three major energy storage segments shaping the market and how will this change in 2020?
• How is European policy affecting the market today and shaping it into the future?

During the webinar we share highlights from the 4th edition of the European Market Monitor for Energy Storage (EMMES 4.0) which was published in March 2020 and is now available for purchase. EMMES is the definitive analysis of European energy storage markets, produced by leading new energy research consultancy Delta-EE, in close partnership with EASE (European Association for Storage of Energy).

Digital energy insights apps and tools – how well are they meeting residential customer needs?

Energy consumption insights are increasingly being used by energy retailers in Europe as part of their residential energy customer engagement and digital transformation strategies. There are clear customer benefits including improved understanding and control of their energy usage and spend, with advances being made in the breadth and sophistication of energy insights solutions. This webinar explores:

  • The size and opportunity of the European energy insights market
  • Customer behaviour and perceptions of energy insights services
  • How the energy insights market will evolve in the future
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Business Models

What are the smart plays in new energy? Find out about the most exciting business models for the 2020s

Thursday February 6th 10.30am GMT

Energy as a Service? Aggregators? P2P trading? PPAs? Home services platform? In the wide-ranging and rapidly-evolving world of new energy, identifying the winning business models is a tough ask. In this webinar, our New Energy Business Models research team will present findings from their recent in-depth report on “what are the smart plays?”

The webinar will share findings on:
• The factors which will determine the winning plays
• Our top picks for smarter plays in the 2020s
• Key ways to improve scalability of business models

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 The battle for the energy customer relationship is heating up

10am BST, Wednesday 18th September, 2019

In this webinar we look at four key new market entrants: Oil Majors, Technology Giants, HVAC and Automotive manufacturers, and consider:

  • Why they are entering New Energy
  • How they compare (financials, strengths & weaknesses) – to each other, as well as the energy retail incumbents
  • What they are actually doing, and what this means for the wider energy transition

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Follow the money – who is investing what in ‘New Energy’ and why it matters

Wednesday 3rd October, 10.30am BST

6 key investor groups are making major moves – find out who and what it means?

2018 so far feels like the year of the new energy investment. The pace of investment in new energy has ramped up, with investments being made across the board into a huge range of new energy businesses. But what do these moves really tell us about the future success of existing suppliers or challenger start-ups? Our latest in-depth report from the ‘New Energy’ Business Model Service examines who the key investing companies are and what kinds of business models are hot – or not. S

Delta-ee explores:
- Hot areas of investment
- Who is snapping up investments – and how serious is their intent in new energy?
- What might this mean for future strategy?

For more information you can get in touch via

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Trends shaping the heating sector: Online heating sales platforms

Wednesday 23rd April, 10am BST

Delta-ee explores: 
- The state of the market – what is the business model, who is active, why the fuss? 
- What do customers think? A case study from the British market. 
- Industry Q & A facilitated by Delta-ee 

For more information, you can get in touch via

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Is Japan the land of the rising sun for European companies?

Tuesday 24th April, 10.30am BST

Japan is undergoing a major transformation of its energy market, moving away from regulated to a full market liberalisation in both electricity and gas sectors. The nature of the Japanese energy market is expected to change, with new businesses and innovative technologies entering the market. What opportunities does this change present for European companies with ‘new energy’ propositions? 
Delta-ee has been active in Japan for many years and has an intimate knowledge of the market.

In this webinar, Delta-ee will share insights from our recent work into: 

  • opportunities that are opening up in Japan 
  • types of business models we see potentially working in Japan 
  • partnering with Japanese companies

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How to make money in 'New Energy' #6 - Bundling

Wednesday 6th December, 2017

While bundling goods and services into a single offering is by no means a new idea, within the Energy world it represents an important innovation trend. Not only can this approach help companies to better serve customers, but it can also create much-needed revenue as commodity profit margins are squeezed. Join us to find out: 
1. How the bundling model has been adapted to suit the rapidly changing Energy space 
2. Where we see the market developing 
3. What is required to be successful with this approach

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How to make money in 'New Energy' #5 - Lifestyle Products

Friday 17th November, 2017

 Customers want peace-of-mind, convenience & control, to have fun, and connect emotionally with brands… 

Join us to explore how Lifestyle Products, that focus on improving experience/quality of life as opposed to strictly financials/saving money, are being incorporated into the world of ‘New Energy’ business models. 

- Which innovations are the ones to watch? 
- How are they engaging customers? … early adopters vs mass market 
- What next in this very new & ultra-competitive market?

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If you would like a copy of the slides, please contact Charmaine Coutinho.

How to make money in 'New Energy' #4 - Efficient Consumption

Wednesday 25th October, 2017

As data analytics improve and with more customer data available than ever, opportunities are arising for businesses to empower customers to make informed energy decisions – saving both energy & money. 

Join us to find out: 
- Is data revolutionising the efficiency market? 
- Which innovations are gaining traction and why? 
- What are the biggest challenges to success in this field?

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If you would like a copy of the slides, please contact Jenny Carson.

How to make money in 'New Energy' #3

Tuesday 26th September, 2017

Product vs Service – fundamentally changing the way in which you engage with your customers. Find out how ‘New Energy’ business models are innovating with Energy as a Service propositions. 

- What approaches are companies bringing to market – and how will they evolve?
- Key lessons learnt
- And critically… how do end users feel about these proportions?

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How to make money in 'New Energy' #2

Wednesday 19th July, 2017

Everyone knows that the value in the future will be less in the amount of energy used or produced, and increasingly in the timing of energy consumption, generation and/or storage. What business models can companies develop in response? 

Our research identifies 3 approaches - watch this webinar: 
- Explore our Time-of-Use Optimisation ‘new energy’ business model pillar 
- Find out which innovations are the ones to watch 
- Find out how they are engaging customers

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How to make money in 'New Energy' #1

In this webinar, we will explore how companies are creating new energy marketplaces and new ways in which customers are buying energy, as well as related products and services.

Which innovations are the ones to watch? How and why are they engaging customers? What role does blockchain play?

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