Energy Transition Training

Understand the energy transition and what it means for your business

The energy transition is characterised by a number of key themes:

  • Old energy ⟶ new energy
  • High carbon ⟶ low carbon
  • Commodity ⟶ Services
  • Analogue ⟶ Digital
  • Products ⟶ As a Service
  • Meters ⟶ Customers
  • Supply follows demand ⟶ Demand follows supply

Delta-EE's Onboarding to the energy transition programme helps attendees understand these themes and acquire the knowledge they need to accelerate their impact in and on the energy transition.

What to expect

Our training provides industry professionals with the knowledge they need to navigate the energy transition. The Foundation Module (F1) looks broadly across the energy transition, covering topics such as engaging customers, energy supply and services, the transmission and distribution system, and distributed power generation and trading.

Advanced Modules are being developed and will allow you to delve deep into topics such as the decarbonisation of heat, EV charging, flexibility and energy storage, hydrogen and local energy systems.

The Foundation Module

Providing the basis to understand the energy transition and demystify the jargon

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Who is the energy transition training for?

  • Professionals moving from the ‘old energy’ world into the energy transition
  • Professionals coming into the energy sector for the first time
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What topics will the training cover?

  • Jargon busting and key definitions
    Why and how the ‘new energy’ supply chain is different
  • The technologies you need to know about
  • Key drivers and barriers in the energy transition
  • How the energy transition could evolve
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How will the training be structured?

  • Online
  • Consisting of three x 2 hour sessions
  • Reference materials provided for delegates
  • Sessions presented by experienced Delta-EE staff
  • Opportunity for Q&A during sessions

The cost to attend the Foundation module is £895 per attendee.

Subscribers to Delta-EE Research Services PAY ONLY £795

Our next training session will take place on 26-28th July, 9:30-11:30am BST each day.

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