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Our advanced courses allow you to delve deep into detailed topics of the energy transition, and to understand the principles and market dynamics affecting key technologies across Europe.

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Current course topics include:

large electricity pylons in front of a blue and pink sky

Flexibility: Foundation to Practitioner

This course will provide you with foundation to understanding flexibility in Europe. We start with demystifying key terms, moving on to the role of flexibility in the power system in Europe, looking at the different types available and traded. We examine the different trends at the distribution and transmission level and look at the values and accessibility of the flexibility services. Aggregation of flexibility sources, platforms and future changes is also covered. We finish with barriers to realising flexibility and the future outlook for the market.

The course is suitable for those:

  • new to or starting a career in energy where flexibility is important part of the role.
  • who are moving into flexibility from out of sector or from different functions.
  • supporting businesses or teams are involved in flexibility

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The EV Charging ecosystem: fundamentals, markets and customers

This course is perfect for those new to the EV charging world, or wanting to get an understanding on the complete ecosystem. We start with the basics of passenger and commercial EVs, how they charge, and an assessment of the European outlook for the charging market.  We look at the ecosystem of players across transport and energy, examining how they work together and the importance of the grid, with case studies. The last aspect focuses on the EV customer, how they are changing and what business models and services  are being offered to them in this dynamic market.

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hydrogen tanks

Hydrogen in the energy transition

Hydrogen is latest energy industry topic – find out what it means for the transition. In this course, we give you an overview of the technology, demystifying the European production to consumption value chain.

We cover the key applications seen, with case studies to bring ideas to life. We then cover national policy, highlighting key initiatives and progress, and then finish with the future outlook of hydrogen in the wider energy transition.

This course is suitable for those with an understanding of the energy transition, keen to understand how hydrogen fits and what the industry looks like now, and its potential.

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Solar panels on atiled roof of a building in the sun

Understanding the decarbonisation of heat

This course is the essential baseline for those looking to get up to speed on low carbon heating. We cover a background to domestic heating in Europe, including policy drivers across key European countries, value chain and customer drivers.

We showcase the key technologies in heating, focusing on uptake rate and key barriers. The course finishes with a dive into key new services and business models, like energy as a service, being offered and the outlook for these.

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Smart home system device in modern living room

Home Energy Management Systems: principles of energy optimisation in the home

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Start with the customer: customers and their responses in the energy transition

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