Energy Transition Training

About the training

Understand the energy transition and what it means for your business – in an easy to understand way, at a convenient time for you. 

LCP Delta’s Training services give you the knowledge you need to understand the energy transition in Europe and beyond. Our training courses help you better understand key topics and trends in energy so that you and your organisation know how to position your company and take advantage of commercial opportunities.

We share our deep expertise on the energy transition through meaningful, concise and easy to understand short courses, which you can access when convenient for you.

"Excellently facilitated - knowledgeable leaders who could answer questions around the topics."
- Training Attendee

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Energy Transition Foundation

Provides a basis of knowledge to understand the energy transition and demystify the jargon surrounding the energy sector

Advanced Training

Provide detailed understanding of market trends, competitive landscape and outlook around the key technology markets in the energy transition

Subscription-based Training

Giving organisations access to all training courses to provide consistent, ongoing knowledge development for their team

Bespoke Training

Training sessions with content and structure tailored specifically for your organisation and team needs. Delivered by experts with in-session Q&A and reference materials provided

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