Stronger together: why and how energy retailers and telecom operators should work together

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Convergence between energy, IoT, connectivity and telecoms is inevitably leading to the growth of a new domain: ‘telenergy’.  But energy retailers seem very fearful of partnering with telcos – it’s “dancing with the devil” and will open the route to telcos to “steal my customers”. 

Yet this fear of partnerships could be unfounded and wrong - while the rewards from partnering may be significant. Download our Whitepaper for our evaluation of the drivers at work and the industry convergence we see, ultimately towards Home-Life-as-a-Service.

To help our clients really understand and explore the possibility of telenergy partnerships, Delta-ee have developed a Telenergy Partnership Exploration Proposal.

We see three key obstacles to partnerships:

  • Distrust - who wants to 'dance with the devil'? To open Pandora's box to new competitors?
  • Lack of deep understanding and insight of one industry into the other - It is very hard to really understand the counterparty industry motivations, challenges and drivers.
  • Lack of motivated interlocutors - Finding the right contact points for meaningful engagement is a frequent challenge. Without an interested and motivated interlocutor, any outreach is doomed to fail.

 To help overcome these obstacles we bring together in a workshop format an energy retailer and a telco from different countries and who do not compete to:

  • Create a 'safe' environment where a non-competing energy retailer and a telco can explore and understand the counterparty perspective - motivations, challenges, barriers, opportunities etc.
  • Help both parties understand the opportunities in the ‘Home-Life-As-A-Service’ future (see our Whitepaper) and how to capture them

Participants will get concrete insight and be fully briefed before engaging with their preferred local partner - giving themselves the best chance of success. 

Download our Telenergy Partnership Exploration Proposal here..


Contact Andy Bradley on +44 (0) 131 476 4259 if you would be interested to participate in cross-industry workshops or discuss our Telenergy Partnership Exploration Proposal.

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