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Aerial view of windmills in green summer forest in Finland. Wind turbines in a green forest
Delta-EE’s Senior Leadership Team will be sharing their thoughts on where they see the energy transition after the first six months of 2021, and as the world starts to get ready to get back to (almost) normal. They will discuss their thoughts on the latest news in this space, covering topics such as new energy...
The New Energy Letter: August 2020
Since our last new energy letter, the shift in focus has moved from the impact of the Covid-19 crisis, to how we recover – and how “green” this recovery is. I have growing confidence that the recovery will drive acceleration in some aspects of the energy transition. There will of course be major economic challenges...
sign showing big change ahead
I’ve always argued that the acid test for Big Oil and their commitment to active, positive participation in the energy transition will come when the oil price crashes. When that happens, will they revert to their core businesses of fossil fuel extraction and processing, while cutting back on less profitable and non-core activities such as new...

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