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The Scottish Government has a statutory climate change target to reduce carbon emissions by 75% by 2030 and reach net-zero emissions by 2045. Achieving these goals will require significant changes in how homes and non-domestic buildings in Scotland are heated and their energy efficiency improved. The supply chain in Scotland also needs to be fit-for-purpose...
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At Delta-EE, we believe there are six actions we can take to overcome the energy crisis. Organisations working in the energy transition need to help these actions happen. Use less energy 73M homes equipped with connected climate controls by 2030 in Europe, giving customers ease-of-use to better programme their heating, saving energy. 90M homes signed...
industrial heat pumps
Regular listeners will know we talk about heat pumps quite a lot on the Talking New Energy podcast. But, so far, we’ve focussed on residential-scale heat pumps. Today we’re going big, and talking about industrial-scale heat pumps. Why? Well, industrial heat is only slightly behind residential heat when it comes to demand for heat across...
large electricity pylons in front of a blue and pink sky
Listen to the latest episode of Talking New Energy, Integrating heat pumps into the electricity system: TenneT and Viessmann on the leading edge. As heat pumps and distributed energy become a bigger part of our energy system, they will bring additional demands on the grid. But smart control of these appliances can help to solve...
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In this viewpoint we look at how service providers can create compelling remote diagnostics propositions for the private homeowner segment.
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Heat as a service is key to making the decarbonisation of heat affordable for customers. In our latest webinar on this topic we will be answering some frequently asked questions about heat as a service, including: What are the commercial benefits? How can supply chains deliver it? How are companies financing it? What if customers...

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