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EV Charging Service
Updated: 24 May 2022 2:14pm
A database containing: (1) annual vehicle sales and cumulative number of vehicles on the road from 2019 - 2030 for both passenger vehicles (ICEs, BEVs, PHEVs,) and light commercial vehicles (ICEs and electric light commercial vehicles), and (2) annual chargepoint sales and cumulative chargepoints installed from 2019 - 2030 segmented by home, workplace and public. This data covers the United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, Germany, Spain and Italy. It also contains vehicle data for Norway and the Rest of Europe.
Hydrogen Intelligence Service
Updated: 18 May 2022 12:12pm

This model is designed to be a flexible tool for calculating the average levelised cost of hydrogen, including production, storage and distribution costs based on the user's input parameters. Input parameters include: hydrogen production technology (PEM, SMR, ATR and SOE), production size, year of installation (2020-2050), energy prices, storage asset type, storage sizing and distribution route and distribution distances among others.

New Energy Business Model Service
Updated: 17 May 2022 8:08am

This report is the first in a series of reports on the topic of smart tariffs in Europe. This report focuses on understanding electricity tariffs and gives Delta-EE’s view on the concept of smart tariffs. The report aims to:

  • Define how a tariff can be considered smart and explore the motivation behind the increasing diversity in tariff design.
  • Provide a pricing strategy landscape of standard tariff types, as well as a risk framework to describe the relationship between customer and retailer.
  • Provide examples of innovative tariff offers across Europe.
Connected Home Service
Updated: 16 May 2022 2:14pm

This Annual State of the Market 2022 report provides an assessment of how the European market developed in 2021, the current customer spend in connected home products, and the market prospects until 2030.

Products covered in this report:

  • Smart thermostats
  • Connected TRVs
  • Connected electric heating
  • Connected A/C
  • Connected underfloor heating
  • Connected hot water tanks
  • Connected heat pumps
  • Remote boiler diagnostics
  • Home energy management
Heating Business Service
Updated: 09 May 2022 12:12pm

Each winter, the Heat research team at Delta-EE conducts a survey with ~1,000 homeowners across Germany, France, Italy, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. This summary of results is the third report of four from our December 2021 survey, focusing on heating technology bundles. The full survey results can be downloaded here and the questionnaire here.

The next decade or two of the energy transition should provide an opportunity for multi-technology heating bundles, as more opportunities for whole-house renovation and residential-level sector coupling emerge. A market for heating technology bundles should continue indefinitely in new build to meet the growing demand for low-carbon whole-house energy solutions. However, in retrofit, there will likely only be a temporary window of opportunity to target households that can buy an all-in-one technology bundle for the first time (see this Delta-EE viewpoint). This report provides insights into end-user preferences related to the purchase multi-technology bundles and suggestions for how providers can optimise the opportunity.

New Energy Business Models, New Energy Business Models Light
Updated: 09 May 2022 10:10am
Electrification of Heat Service
Updated: 09 May 2022 9:09am
Flexibility Research Service
Updated: 06 May 2022 8:08am
  • In order to meet the requirements of the Electricity Balancing Guideline (EBGL), introduced in 2017 by the European Commission, ENTSO-E, along with the European TSOs, established four projects that set up common markets for the procurement and exchange of balancing services.​
  • The EBGL aims to create a more efficient, cheaper and homogeneous common market for balancing services in Europe to guarantee security of supply and minimize frequency deviations of European members’ electricity grids. ​
  • These four projects, PICASSO, TERRE, MARI and FCR Cooperation, establish a common market for the procurement of aFRR, RR, mFRR and FCR in Europe. ​
  • Two of the platforms, FCR Cooperation and TERRE are now operational. PICASSO and MARI’s Go Live date is in July 2022, however many countries will not meet the legal deadline and will be joining in 2023 or 2024.​
  • Updated PICASSO and MARI information based on the April 2022 accession roadmap. ​

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Home Energy Management

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New Energy Business Model Service

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