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Helping companies develop the right propositions for customers in the transforming world of more distributed, more digital and more service-orientated retail energy
  • Have you got a new proposition you want to test with customers?
  • Are you trying to develop a new proposition for customers?
  • Do you want to understand what customers think about new types of energy propositions?
  • Are you trying to identify the customer segments you want to target?
  • Do you need hard data for making business planning, investment or strategy decisions?
  • Do you want to size the market potential?

Delta-ee’s Customer Panel data and research can help you answer all these questions and more. 



Watch the Webinar

In this webinar, we discuss the Delta-ee customer panel and the findings of recent customer research which have provided an in-depth and interesting insight in to the current UK residential heating market. Click here to view.

For more information on our Customer Panel, download our brochure using the link below:

Depending upon your budget and timescale we can offer you off-the-shelf data and research reports with immediate access or ongoing tailored support, as described below.

Download data in spreadsheet format. Email us to buy online or contact us for more information.



Last year, Delta-ee’s Heat Insight Service established its first Customer Panel – a representative sample of up to 1,000 private homeowners. We have pulled together some of the key findings in the infographic below - click on the image to see a larger version. We are running our Customer Panel again in 2017/18 - what other questions should we ask? To find out more read our blog, or visit our Heat Insight Service page.

Delta ee CustomerPanelSurvey Infographic

If you are interested to find out more or want to tell us what you want to know about your customers, please contact Felicity Tolley or Jaryn Bradford.

Quantitative research - Data and reports

We complete quantitative online research on an ongoing basis with the Delta-ee panel. From our May 2016 Online Customer Panel Survey the data is available by individual survey topic or for all survey topics, as described below.  The template for the excel data file can be downloaded here.

Survey topic

Answers your questions on

More details

Pricing and how to buy 

Awareness and attitude to ‘smart’ heating and energy feedback

  • How interested are customers in connected or novel heating devices?
  • Do they value more insight into their energy use?

Download questionnaire

£995. Email us to buy online

Awareness and attitude to servicing

  • Why do customers want servicing, or not?
  • What do they value most?
  • How much are they willing to pay?

Download questionnaire


£795. Email us to buy online

Awareness and attitude to ‘low carbon’ energy technologies

  • What technologies do they know about?
  • How likely are they to buy them?
Download questionnaire £995. Email us to buy online
Customers’ experience with heating in their home
  • How content are customers with their current heating system?
  • What do they value most?
Download questionnaire £795. Email us to buy online
All of the above topics All above Download questionnaire £2995. Email us to buy online
From our May 2016 Online Customer Panel Survey you can also purchase our own research report and optional tailored workshop:
Research report

The report provides an independent expert opinion to inform, validate or challenge your own in-house thinking.


Download questionnaire

Download research report table of contents

Email us to discuss pricing

Tailored to your own specific needs and questions


Qualitative insights - in depth customer research

We have also completed in depth telephone interviews and other qualitative exercises with selected and targeted members of the Delta-ee panel.


Topics Answers your questions on More details Pricing and how to buy

How to buy heating products


Customer attitudes towards and experience of servicing contracts


Customer attitudes towards and experiences of smart controls

  • How are customers currently buying heating products?
  • How would customers like to buy heating products (including which business models will be most effective)?
  • Why do / don't customers engage with servicing contrasts?
  • What servicing contracts will customers engage with?
  • Attitudes towards smart controls
  • Experiences of smart controls and how customers use them
Download discussion guide

£2995. Email us to buy online


Including written and / or recorded transcripts.
Email us to discuss pricing


Ongoing Customer Research Support

We have an ongoing programme of research with our customer panel in 2016 and 2017. Do you want to have access to this and be able to shape the focus of our upcoming surveys?


Topics Benefits More details Pricing and how to buy

Concept testing

Attitudes and perceptions

Wants and needs

Where and how customers want to buy

  • Access to our research team for ad hoc support
  • Add your own questions into the survey work
  • Immediate access to all our research
  • Shape future research studies

Download research programme

Email us to discuss pricing


Bespoke Access To Our Customer Panel

We can support you with confidential tailored advice.  Do you want to use our customer panel to test your ideas and proposition or other questions specific to your business?  We can provide that service cost effectively and quickly.  Contact us for more details and to discuss.

Why Delta-ee?

Market research is expensive and takes time to do well.  Delta-ee are experts in distributed energy and we’ve been commissioning market research studies on UK customers since 2012.  So you get the best of both worlds from Delta-ee:

  • A cost effective solution to get primary data and hear the customer voice.  It saves you time, effort and money.

  • Access to our expertise and deep knowledge of the energy industry: we can ask the right questions and interpret them properly, to give insight to our clients about the energy vertical

 For more information regarding the smart energy customer panel, contact Senior Analyst Steven Ashurst.

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