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Our Heat Insight Service helps subscribers to understand customers and the future direction of the residential heating market in the UK, and to make the right tactical decisions to help develop the right customer propositions.


The Delta-ee Heat Insight Service is a unique and complete market view from experts who understand both the technology and the customer together. It contains commercially compelling insight that enable you to build the strongest marketing pitch to your target audience based on primary research and insight. The subscription includes:

  • Detailted techno-economic analysis and housing stock segmentation
  • Knowledge base built up over 5+ years
  • Yearly microgen market forecasts to 2020
  • In-depth research with a wide network of social housing providers, housebuilders and selfbuilders
  • More than 30 detailed market reports
  • Intelligence from the UK heating market
  • Unique supply chain insight from our Installer Panel
  • Access to our in-house Customer Panel: 1,000 homeowners who may be used for concept testing, awareness tracking, etc.
  • We can help you:
    • Understand all technologies that compete in the market, including boilers, controls and associated services, in addition to emerging low carbon threats and opportunities
    • Target the right part of the market and the right customers with a compelling proposition, tailored to their needs.
    • Understand customers’ readiness and willingness to pay for heating products and associated serviceDifferentiate your proposition from the growing competition and build your brand.
    • Differentiate your customer propositions from the growing competition and build your brand.


    “The real value of [the HIS] lies in the ability to really understand the customer and the technology together.” - E.ON UK


    Delta-ee’s Heat Insight Service has its own customer panel: a representative sample of up to 1,000 private homeowners. We have pulled together some of the key findings in the infographic below - click on the image to see a larger version.

    To find out more read our blog, or visit our Customer Panel web page.

    Delta ee CustomerPanelSurvey Infographic

    We have an ongoing programme of recent research with different customer groups. Our subscribers receive immediate and full access to all our latest research. We include below some free 'tasters' to illustrate the research undertaken by our Heat Insight Service Team.

    Each download provides some high level discussion of topics which are covered in much greater detail in our subscriber reports.

      Webinar Presentation Whitepaper

    Trends shaping the heating sector: Online heating sales platforms NEW

    Delta-ee explores: 
    - The state of the market – what is the business model, who is active, why the fuss? 
    - What do customers think? A case study from the British market. 
    - Industry Q & A facilitated by Delta-ee 

    Watch the webinar / Download the slides
    The UK Heat Market - what does the future hold?
    Watch the webinar
    We're learning about householder attitudes to heating in the UK -
    help us ask the right questions
    Read the blog
    Daikin's KEY Conference - Market Insight - Future Directions and Opportunities Download the PDF
    Opportunies in the UK heating market - Delta-ee gives its insight for the year ahead. What are some key factors that are influencing the transition of the heating market? webinar medium Download the PDF  
    Amber Rudd MP says "don't give up on heat" - but how can low carbon technologies thrive without subsidy? webinar medium Download the PDF  
    What is our latest research on owner-occupiers saying about the future of the microgen market? We discuss with Stephen Worrall, Customer & Market Insight Expert at E.ON. webinar medium    
    Installer attitudes to low carbon heat and microgeneration - a barrier to market success?     Download the PDF

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     For further information regarding the Heat Insight Service, or to make an enquiry, please contact Steven Ashurst.

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