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What we do

Our new energy research allows organisations to develop the best strategies, business models and customer propositions for the energy transition.

As a company, we are immersed in new energy and the energy transition. Since 2004, our research has always focused on the developing energy sector and what that means for businesses within the energy space and further afield. We have 17 years’ experience in the energy industry.

We’re passionate about helping new energy succeed faster and helping companies, policy makers, governments and cities achieve their net zero goals.

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Subscriber-only content

Our research services are provided by dedicated research teams that conduct primary research into new energy markets in Europe and globally. The services deliver deep expertise on the most important areas of new energy and the energy transition.

Over the course of a yearly subscription, subscribers will have access to:

All previous research from the service

In-depth reports: Thoroughly researched reports on the most important topics in your new energy area of focus

Viewpoints: Reactive reports exploring the latest news and events within the new energy industry from an expert point of view

Databases: The data you need to make the best decisions for your business, including customer research

Company Profiles: Case studies focusing on specific companies within the energy space, investigating their business models and customer propositions

Analyst Support: Ad hoc support from our expert team of Analysts