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Delta-ee MicroCHP
Delta-ee Delta-ee MicroCHP

Delta-ee s’implante en France

Paris, le 21 mai 2019 - En choisissant Paris pour cette nouvelle implantation, Delta-ee, renforce sa position d’expert pan-européen, permettant aux organisations de développer les meilleures stratégies, modèles économiques et offres clients pour la transition énergétique.

Cette installation lui permet de resserrer les liens avec sa base installée de clients en France et en Europe, et de proposer un accompagnement plus étroit aux entreprises européennes de services publics, aux industriels, aux entreprises technologiques et aux start-ups innovantes.

Number of Home Energy Management systems installed in Europe doubles

Delta-ee opens new European office in Paris

21/05/2019, Paris: Delta-ee, the specialist ‘new energy’ research and consulting company, has opened an office in Paris. The expansion reinforces the company’s position as a pan-European ‘new energy’ expert that enables organisations to develop the best strategies, business models and customer propositions for the energy transition.

The move to Paris allows the company to not only cement relations with existing clients based in both France and across Europe, but also to provide an additional level of support to European utilities, manufacturers, technology companies and innovative start-ups.  Furthermore, it will strengthen Delta-ee’s capability to offer energy market expertise in European regulation, policy environments and the nuances of different national approaches to ‘new energy’.

A changing of the guard for micro-CHP

European Electrical Storage Market Grows 75% in 2018 to 1470 MWh

New research from EASE and Delta-ee shows 2018 was a stellar year – but this very high rate of growth won’t be maintained into 2019.

3M European homes now have connected heating controls

New report quantifies the future value of smart meters to households

Fear or greed? What’s the stronger motivation for energy retailers to develop their storage propositions?

Delta-ee: Consumers open to giving third party apps control of their hybrid heating systems, according to Freedom Project

Data analytics is key to the success of European energy retailers but most are only scratching the surface

European Electrical Storage Market Grows by 49% in 2017 to 589 MWh

NZEB regulations leading to uncertainty in the future of heating

La maison connectée prend son envol en Europe mais la France reste en queue de peloton

How to make battery energy storage attractive to UK customers

New Delta-ee electric vehicle research predicts public chargers to account for only 8% of charging

New research uncovers how drivers will behave and what it means for charging infrastructure, utilities and the electricity system

Customers love connected home ‘energy’ products – but not at any price

Solar PV Secondary Heating Success – Final Trial Results Now Available

VAT increase on low carbon heating products would have a huge impact on an already struggling market

Delta Energy & Environment growth fuels German expansion

Potential of hybrid heating technology not being fulfilled - yet

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