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Solar PV Secondary Heating Success – Final Trial Results Now Available

The Electric Heating Company and Delta-ee are delighted to announce the publication of the final report following the completion of trials of the innovative EHC Solar PV Ready Radiator secondary heating solution (“the EHC solution”).

This EHC Solution involves two Solar PV Ready Radiators operating in conjunction with a smart control device that can divert excess electricity generated from Solar PV to these specially adapted Solar PV Ready Electric Heating Radiators.

Delta-ee acted as an independent third party expert, supporting the analysis, evaluation of the trial results and preparing the final report.

The nationwide trials of the EHC Solution involved 27 gas heated properties in total and covered a 12 month period. The final report has analysed the performance of the EHC Solution and found:

  • The EHC Solution increased PV self-consumption on average from 22% to 64% (an increase of 42%).
  • Tenants benefited from more comfortable homes, with an average room temperature increase of 3°C for rooms which had the EHC Solution installed.
  • For this higher level of comfort
    • Tenants in properties with gas central heating benefited from an average estimated annual bill reduction of £42.44.
    • If installed in electrically heated properties, tenants could potentially benefit from an average estimated annual bill reduction of £185.87.
  • Significant carbon savings: 199kg for properties with gas central heating and 858kg for properties with all electric heating.
  • Participant feedback extremely positive; ‘System is fantastic’; ‘Additional heat is a benefit’; ‘I feel the cold quite easily and now wouldn’t be without the system’.

You can download the full report here, including the comprehensive data collected as part of the trials. 

The Trial Results show that such an Electric Secondary Heating Solution can operate successfully with renewables technologies and real benefits can be achieved. With various UK Government and industry schemes being focussed on technologies such heat pumps, battery storage and EV chargers, EHC believe the UK Government should also give credence to technologies such as this solution which can also operate with renewables and provide a real and immediate benefit to households at a relatively low capital cost.

If you are interested in finding out more about this EHC Solution, please contact Calum Black, EHC on 01698 820 533 or email

If you are interested in finding out more about Delta-ee’s consultancy work, please contact Stephen Harkin, on 0131 625 1011 or email


About Delta-ee
Delta-ee ( is a specialist distributed energy and heat research and consulting company. Headquartered in Edinburgh and with offices in England and continental Europe, our clients comprise many of Europe’s leading utilities; heating appliance manufacturers; controls companies; policy makers; and investors. Delta-ee provides a range of subscription research services, consultancy and specialist Summits.

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Jan Hughes –
Tel: +44 (0)131 625 1011

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