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LCP acquire Delta-EE – creating a single partner to help companies navigate fundamental changes to the sector as the energy transition accelerates

26th April 2022

LCP and Delta-EE’s expertise are combining as the energy transition reaches a turning point that will fundamentally shift how the market works and is understood. As the energy sector decarbonises, as consumers become savvier and as the energy system becomes increasingly localised there is now a need for the energy sector to understand how the full energy value chain is evolving for them to make informed decisions. Together, the new team will be able to provide data-driven research, products, forecasts and consultancy services to companies investing in and navigating the energy transition.

LCP’s energy team combine advanced analytical approaches with deep upstream energy market expertise to help their clients navigate the energy transition. This ranges from providing fundamental, long term forecasts of the GB and Irish power markets to helping Government and industry understand revenue evolution and policy impact, to providing traders, analysts and managers with LCP Enact, a market leading real time platform to help clients understand and operate in an increasingly volatile and intermittent power system. The firm’s clients include generators, suppliers, investors, strategists, traders and policy analysts, mostly in the upstream sector.

Delta-EE focuses on the downstream part of the energy sector, providing data, insights, analysis and opinion into the impacts of the energy transition, from subscription research into evolving markets and changing business models through to consulting services on how market trends impact utilities, manufacturing and technology companies across Europe, Japan and beyond. Delta-EE are experts in the full range of downstream energy transition areas, such as heat, distributed energy, electric vehicle charging and hydrogen – all areas that involve or are close to the customer-end of the energy value chain.

The energy transition will increasingly blur the lines between the upstream and downstream markets, and decision makers will need to understand how the interplays will evolve and impact them.

LCP and Delta-EE’s combined skills and expertise will create a unique offering for companies within the energy sector, including utilities, operators, traders, investors and manufacturers. With LCP’s wider experience in providing institutional investors with financial advice and modelling, the combined teams will be able to advise funds on the new landscape and how to invest responsibly.

Aaron Punwani, LCP CEO, commented: “Delta-EE is a well-respected firm with a deep understanding of the energy sector and the quality of their research is second to none. Ultimately, there are fewer challenges facing our world today that are greater than the transition to net zero. The partnership of Delta-EE’s downstream expertise with LCP’s upstream capabilities will be an immensely powerful one, meaning we can provide a wider range of clients with data-driven insights and holistic forecasts, helping to make a net zero future a successful reality.”

Andy Bradley, Director at Delta-EE, added “Enabling our clients to best drive and navigate the energy transition has always been at the heart of our work. By joining together with LCP, who have complementary skills and expertise together we can accelerate and enhance the impact we have on the energy transition.

Culturally, we are like-minded people with curiosity to develop new solutions in an evolving sector and the ability to cut through complexity.  Together, we are driven by a desire to create a sustainable future and are looking forward to building the world’s leading energy transition practice.”


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Notes to the Editor

About LCP

At LCP, our experts provide clear, concise advice focused on your needs. We use innovative technology to give you real time insight & control.  Our experts work in pensions, investment, insurance, energy and health.

LCP’s energy team works in the upstream power market and has two key focal areas: long term forecasting of the GB and Irish energy markets and their tool LCP Enact. On the forecasting side, the team build the UK Government’s primary power market models, as well as forecasting the revenues of different generating assets, how the market will evolve, the routes to Net Zero and the costs of managing the system. On the LCP Enact side, the team support traders and analysts in real time to participate in an increasingly volatile power system and monitor asset performance and market activity.

About Delta-EE

Delta-EE ( ) is a research and consulting company helping companies navigate the change from ‘old energy’ to ‘new energy’. Headquartered in Edinburgh and with offices in England and continental Europe, our clients comprise many of Europe’s leading utilities; heating appliance manufacturers; controls companies; policy makers; and investors. Delta-EE provides a range of subscription research services, consultancy and specialist summits.


Lauren Keith, PR Manager 020 3922 1319

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