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New Delta-EE subscriber portal launched 25th July

We are happy to announce our new subscriber portal has launched on Monday 25th July!

The new portal will replace our existing subscriber website, giving clients a much better user experience and making it a lot easier to access the research you need in one easily searchable place.

On our existing website, there is limited searching capability, and you have to access the different research services you are subscribed to one at a time to view the reports. On the new portal, you can see all the research you have access to in one place, save useful information for later, set up search alerts, view reports online rather than having to download them, and more.

Visit the research portal and you can:

  • Register yourself and login (if you are a member of an existing subscriber account)
  • View available reports and research (what you can see will depend on what subscription services you have access to)
  • Watch videos from the research team
  • Request access to research and contact our research and customer service teams

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