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Introducing Local Energy Systems Business Models

What kind of business models are being implemented for Local Energy Systems? How do the various business models actually work, which ones offer the greatest potential? What is the role for energy suppliers and network operators? Where does the value come from?

In the previous Delta-EE webinar introducing Local Energy Systems, we presented an overview of the kind of concepts and projects that were emerging. A number of questions were raised, including those above, which this webinar will seek to address.

We outline the characteristics of the various models being implemented and explain their respective advantages and limitations. Some of these are well-established and are both scalable and profitable. Other, more innovative models seek to engage with communities and capture alterative revenue streams in a world where subsidies for renewable energy are being withdrawn.

The webinar includes a number of case studies intended to illustrate particular characteristics which affect the economic or other values of each approach with a detailed look at the German Mieterstrom model.

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