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Delta-ee MicroCHP
Delta-ee Delta-ee MicroCHP

Our New Energy Business Models research team has published a new whitepaper, EV tariff-based propositions – what is the state of the European market and how will offerings evolve?

The residential Battery-Powered Electric Vehicle (BEV) market is growing at an exponential pace in Europe, with Germany, France and the UK leading the way. This whitepaper describes how the booming uptake of BEV is creating significant opportunities for energy actors. It also assesses the current state of the EV tariff-based proposition market and finds that, even though the scale of the opportunity is widely recognised, the level of innovation to date has been limited and there remains plenty of room for disrupters to enter the market.

Download the whitepaper here.

Regular listeners will know we talk about heat pumps quite a lot on the Talking New Energy podcast. But, so far, we’ve focussed on residential-scale heat pumps. Today we’re going big, and talking about industrial-scale heat pumps. Why? Well, industrial heat is only slightly behind residential heat when it comes to demand for heat across Europe. So the challenge to decarbonise heat is as much an challenge in industry as it is in buildings. And, heat pumps have a role to play in industry as they do in buildings. To explore this topic further, Jon Slowe is joined by four guests: Jonas Loholm Hamann and Drew Turner from Danfoss; Dave Pearson from Star Refrigeration; and Delta-EE heat pump expert Lindsay Sugden.

Listen to the podcast below or on your favourite podcast app.

Listen to the latest episode of Talking New Energy, Integrating heat pumps into the electricity system: TenneT and Viessmann on the leading edge.

As heat pumps and distributed energy become a bigger part of our energy system, they will bring additional demands on the grid. But smart control of these appliances can help to solve these demands, as well as providing new ways to help balance the grid. Optimising millions of heat pumps and other appliances in our homes requires new approaches, and in this episode we look at one such new initiative in Germany, involving Viessmann, a manufacturer of heat pumps, and TenneT, one of the four transmission system operators in Germany, and the Equigy Crowd Balancing Platform.

Jon Slowe is joined by Axel Kiessling from TenneT in Germany, one of the four German TSOs; Hans Schermeyer from Viessmann's Energy Services, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of climate solutions; and Delta-EE expert Lucy Murley.

Listen below or on your favourite podcast app.

We're back for 2022 with the latest episode of Talking New Energy.

In this episode, Jon Slowe talks to Lisa Lambert, Chief Technology & Innovation Officer at National Grid. Lisa is also the Founder & President of National Grid Partners, the venture capital and innovation arm of National Grid. In addition, she’s Founder and CEO of UPWARD, a non-profit organisation with a mission to accelerate the careers of executive women. Jon and Lisa discuss the challenges and opportunities that utilities face in evolving and transforming their businesses as part of the energy transition. Lisa brings a fascinating perspective to this, with a career in the investment sector in Silicon Valley prior to joining National Grid nearly four years ago.

Listen to the episode here or on your favourite podcast app.

One of the key differences between ‘old energy’ and ‘new energy’ is where capital investments are taking place. In ‘old energy’ capital investments were focussed in power plants and networks, predominantly on the ‘utility’ side of the meter. In ‘new energy’, a significant part of these capital investments will be focussed on the customer side of the meter. The energy system is being recapitalised, in part, in assets at customer’s homes, businesses and industrial sites.

In this week's episode of Talking New Energy, host Jon Slowe explores how finance solutions are emerging with Delta-EE expert Nigel Timperley.

Listen on your favourite podcast app or via our website.

Most of us will have a hot water tank somewhere in our home. In some ways they are very straightforward bits of equipment – a well-insulated metal cylinder with some pipes connected to it, and perhaps a direct electric heating element as well. But a number of companies are looking at bringing hot water storage into the modern age, and as heating is increasingly electrified, integrating hot water tanks with our electricity system.

In this episode of Talking New Energy, Jon Slowe is joined by three guests; Martin Allman, Chief Commercial Officer at Mixergy; Stavros Sachinis, Vice President of IoT Applications at Centrica; and Delta-EE expert, Klara Ottosson.

Listen to the episode on the Talking New Energy webpage or on your favourite podcast provider.

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