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Delta-ee MicroCHP
Delta-ee Delta-ee MicroCHP

Developing a new business model is a complex challenge. To establish the commercial viability of an opportunity, (1) external market characteristics and (2) internal company strengths & capabilities must be understood. The right ingredients, which we call “enablers”, drive opportunity development – initiating the innovation process and supporting development. Clearly, once a business model has been designed and launched, the commercial success of a new proposition is dependent on interaction with customers, as companies adjust to market feedback, iterate and perhaps “pivot” their propositions over time. The 'New Energy' Business Model Service's latest reports focus on the first stage – identifying & assessing the enablers of Delta-ee’s 6 business model category framework.

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Delta-ee will be supporting the UK Government's EV Energy Taskforce - a series of industry working groups focused on making electric transport work for the energy system and the customer. The first stakeholder engagement event will be held on the 22nd October in London and EV associate, Kate Armitage, will be representing Delta-ee.

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