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The transition from ‘old’ to ‘new’ energy is underway. In this Summit we focus on how this is happening, the opportunities it brings, and how companies are capturing these opportunities.

The Summit is built around three themes which our research shows are shaping the transition;

  1. The battle for the customer relationship
  2. The shift in value towards the timing of demand rather than only the quantity of demand
  3. The impact of digitalisation and the opportunities it can enable

Delta-ee Summits comprise our clients and carefully selected invitees – quality not quantity. A carefully crafted programme provides stimulating sharp presentations, discussion & debate, and plenty of networking time in a relaxed atmosphere.

Key features include:

  • Access to Delta-ee’s community of ‘new energy’ experts, peers and potential partners: a unique mix of participants from across the European new energy landscape
  • Deep insight into these three themes from across Europe
  • Broad coverage: how the different parts of the new energy landscape are developing and how they are becoming increasingly interconnected
  • Innovation and best practice – players, propositions and business models that are gaining traction

Day 1 is structured around specific parts of the ‘new energy’ market; focused sessions providing the opportunity to hear insights, experiences and tactics from leading players and Delta-ee’s own experts in each field. 

Day 2 focuses on strategic issues, business models and joining the dots across the new energy space.

Day One

The first day of the Summit will include 4 half day sessions. Attendees may choose one for the morning and one for the afternoon.

Leveraging The Energy Transition To Generate Connected Home Revenue

connected home

Introduction -  Delta-ee: State of the Connected Home Market


Session 1: Capturing the market opportunities from connected electric thermal loads


Connectivity is becoming commonplace for gas-based heating and the market for electric thermal loads is now emerging. With the megatrends towards decarbonisation and electrification, opportunities for electric thermal loads seem huge. How are leading players in Europe taking advantage of this opportunity?


Speaker TBC, Voltalis

Gregory Petiot, International Key Account Manager, Delta Dore


Session 2: Integrating connected home devices


Whether you are a product manufacturer or a service provider, there is a need to integrate devices from various manufacturers to offer the best connected home experience to your customers. A lot of questions remain on the best ways to approach this challenge especially with the GAFAs looking to take over the space.


Arjen Noorbergen, Founder & CEO, Olisto

Peter Kiss, Head of Business Development, Conrad Connect

Pascal Antoine, Connectivity Business and Public Affair Manager, Ariston Thermo


Session 3: Building a business case for remote boiler diagnostics - leading approaches in Europe

With the digitalisation of heating systems rapidly accelerating, commercial solutions for remote boiler diagnostics have also emerged. This session explores the different approaches taken by three different types of company looking to capture sustained value from this emerging market opportunity.


Michael Verger, CTO, Engie Home Services

Laurent Cosson, Innovation Manager, Smart/PV Engie Home Services

Erik Koorman, Manager Business Development, Intergas

Christian Deilmann, CPO, Tado









The Intersection Between Transport and Electricity


Session 1 – Capturing the EV customer

The transition to electric transport is opening up new value chains and business models. The prize is considerable and the race is on to win the EV customer. So, what do customers want and how should energy providers support them?

  • Delta-ee presents its new 2019 European EV Customer Research.
  • Presentations from providers of leading EV customer propositions.
  • Panel Q&A on the EV customer and EV business models.


Adam Hart, Director, Utility Solutions, ChargePoint


Jamie Elliot, Head of Electric Vehicles, Scottish Power


Jacob van Sonneveld, Founder and Director, Plugsurfing

Karl Anders, Managing Director, Innogy


Session 2 – Integrating EVs into the energy system

Numerous technologies are being developed to support EV charging within the electricity system. The number of solutions is considerable and varied – is there a market for all of them?

  • Presentations from the leading edge technology providers.
  • Panel Q&A on EV grid integration.

Speaker TBC, Nuvve

Jorg van Heesbeen, Head of New Energy Business, Jedlix

Zarah Lea Hausen, Hubject


Unlocking Value Using Data Insight

customer data

Session 1: Influencing customer behaviour in the energy sector

Successful application of behavioural science principles is an important tool for any customer strategy. Examples range from improving product portfolio and pricing strategy to maximise take-up, to gaining customer consent to share smart meter data as a foundation to unlock stronger customer relationships.

Discover how you can apply these techniques in your business.


Jesper Akesson, Managing Director, The Behaviouralist


Session 2: Creating new value from energy consumption data

Smart meter and other device data is providing unprecedented insight into the lives of energy customers. With this comes opportunities for those in the energy sector to better meet customer needs, whilst also generating new value for energy companies.

Learn from successful case studies and leaders in this field.


Paul Monroe, Co-founder, SMAP Energy

Artur Borger, Head of Business Development, Fresh Energy

Stephen Galsworthy, Head of Data Science, Quby


Session 3: Digitalising the energy customer experience

Digitalisation is one of the big themes of the energy transition. It can simultaneously meet the high and rising expectations of customers and respond to the business call to drive operational efficiencies.

Hear about pioneering initiatives in the sector to identify best practice and pitfalls to avoid.


Will Selby, Digital Innovation Manager, EDF Energy








Taking Advantage Of The Opportunities Emerging From Demand Side Flexibility and Energy Storage


Session 1: How demand response and energy storage are shaping local energy markets in Europe

Local energy markets are an integral part of new energy, as we move towards a distributed energy world and localised demand response and energy storage are key enablers. With an increasing creation of market platforms from a variety of stakeholders and increasing DSO activity with these technologies, cutting through the noise is difficult. We will cover some of the key questions the industry is asking, such as:

  • What is the difference between the variety of platforms?
  • How many platforms will monetise demand response in the future?
  • Will the different platforms co-exist or consolidate?
  • Who will win?  
  • What do we need to do now?
  • We will explore these questions and more.

Pallas Agterberg, Strategy Director, Alliander


Session 2 – The reality of flexible energy for consumers and how to get beyond early adopters

Behind-the-meter demand response and storage markets across Europe are largely nascent still. Business models and in particular customer propositions are constantly evolving. We will explore the trends around how the industry is adapting customer propositions, taking a look at what customer needs are and if we are meeting these, and identifying key success factors going forward.

Networking Dinner at Lion Noir, Amsterdam
Day Two


Session 1
Senior Executive Panel: Leaders from energy suppliers and technology companies discuss the strategies, opportunities and challenges they see of orientating their businesses around these themes:
  • Theme 1: Who will win the battle for the customer – and the opportunity for services-based businesses
  • Theme 2: How to capture the shift in value to the timing of demand - rather than the quantity of demand
  • Theme 3: Digitalisation – what opportunities can it enable?


Nick Wayth, CDO, BP Alternative Energy

Alix Chambris, VP Group Public Affairs, Viessmann

Stephen Fitzpatrick, CEO, OVO Energy

Dirk Idstein, Head of Enel X Europe

Session 2
The battle for the customer relationship

How to build the customer relationship to provide services as well as commodity or products? Some of the discussion points will include:

  • What services are customers willing to pay for? Home services, heat-, energy-as-a-service?
  • Digital sales and service platforms
  • The emergence of the auto-switching model
  • Mobility and EV-related services
  1. Delta-ee landscape view (10min)
  2. Part 1: Three examples from innovators in the field, 5 min + 5min Q&A each – (40min)
  3. Part 2: Panel discussion and debate (45min)


Bastian Gerhard, Director, Juicar/Oyster Lab by Alpiq

Vittorio Guarini, CEO and Founder, /

Session 3
The shift in value towards the timing of demand, rather than the quantity of demand

Two major trends are impacting the electricity system: the growing demand for flexibility; and the growing supply of flexibility from distributed assets and electrification of heat and transport. Some of the discussion points will include:

  • The growing role of time of use tariffs
  • Empower customer to optimise timing of consumption
  • Platforms to connect and aggregate distributed assets
  1. Delta-ee landscape view (10min)
  2. Three examples from innovators in the field, 5 min + 5min Q&A each (30 min)
  3. Panel discussion and debate (45min)


Speaker TBC, Aggreko

Jean Baptiste Cornefert, Managing Director of Energy Services, Sonnen

Session 4
How the digitalisation of everything is enabling opportunities to be successful in the new energy landscape

Some of the discussion points will include:

  • Localisation of energy
  • Community and peer-to-peer trading platforms
  • Harnessing the power of analytics - AI and Machine Learning
  1. Delta-ee landscape view (10min)
  2. Three examples from innovators in the field, 5 min + 5min Q&A each (30 min)
  3. Panel discussion and debate (45min)


Neal Coady, Director of Technology, Centrica Home Management

Varena Junge, Managing Director, Enyway

Sidharta Sachdeva, Founder & CEO, Innowatts


Closing remarks from Delta-ee


Networking Drinks





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