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The trends and opportunities in France across the whole energy transition market

arthur jouannic

“At Delta-EE, we have been researching the French energy transition market for over 15 years. After launching our Paris office in 2019 and recruiting a team of talented people, who share our passion for the new energy space, we have decided to dedicate a research team specifically to the French market.

For every aspect of the transition, France is becoming a driving force in Europe, and in some cases the leading country. France has been a pioneer for electrifying heat, and has now the highest number of heat pumps sold per year across Europe. The French PV and self consumption market is set to take off. Innovative energy suppliers are starting to gain some traction, while there is a consolidation at the top of the pyramid, with Total becoming the 3 rd of the big 3 by acquiring Lampiris and Direct Energie. The French connected home and energy management market could see of the fastest growth over the next 5 years in Europe. The Linky smart meters have been deployed at a high pace and now a lot customers can easily have access to their consumption insights. The EV chargepoint market is expected to boom across most charging locations. C&I customers become increasingly targeted with innovative offers from start ups, service companies and energy suppliers. There is a big battle to provide the greenest energy and to prove its local provenance. I could go on arguing about this.

We strongly believe every company involved in the French energy transition should be equipped with the best in class research. Our research will deliver just that to you. It has this unique mix of local expertise, and the European perspective that no one else has, which is critical to understand the moving forces of this market."
Arthur Jouannic, New energy France expert
  • Heating decarbonisation, heat as a service, new channels​
  • Digitalisation of the home: connected climate controls, home energy management, energy insights​
  • Changes on the electricity system: flexibility, storage ​
  • Energy communities: peer to peer trading, collective self-consumption​
  • EV charging: residential, public, fleet, at work​
  • New energy business models​
  • Distributed power markets ​
  • Other topics of the energy transition​

Delta-EE's New Energy France Service allows you to understand the energy transition trends across France, in the context of Europe. Receive reactive viewpoints on new from the market, understand your competitors and identify partners, and access hard to get data. Discuss market trends with speciailised analysts, in French or English.

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Recently published reports

The French Heating Market in 2020: Policy-Driven Changes
France is one of the biggest and most promising markets in Europe for the electrification of heat and represents possibly the first example of a market where heat pumps are beginning to displace gas This report assesses the impact of recent policy announcements on the outlook for the French heating market, focusing on the RE 2020 new build regulations and the oil boiler ban.
Who is delivering EV Charging for France?
This report explores how electric vehicle (EV) charging services and products are delivered in France. It is a high-level view of players positioning and strategies on the French market. Existing propositions in the transit, residential, on-street and business segments are presented.​ The core aims are to:​ Understand which companies deliver EV charging at the different stages of the value chain in France​ Establish, for different customers propositions, the current competitive landscape ​ Identify the main French players and their strategies, in France and abroad
How do French EV owners charge? Understanding EV users
This country report on France looks at how the French connected home energy market has developed up until 2018 and in early 2019, and covers: the current size and forecasted size of the market, the sales channels for connected heating controls currently and the future trends, the key players in the market and the level of their strategic commitment as well as the type of customer propositions that are gaining traction in the market.
Hybrid Heat Pumps in France - How long is the window of opportunity?
Hybrid heat pumps have been an available technology option for decarbonising heating for several years. They can offer several benefits over other heating technologies, including being lower-carbon and more efficient than boilers, and providing solutions to some of the key challenges associated with fully electric heat pumps (especially in retrofit). They could, therefore, play a key role in the “balanced transition” towards a decarbonised heating sector in Europe: by supporting electrification goals and reducing dependency on fossil fuels, while keeping the option open for the use of decarbonised gases like hydrogen & biomethane. In the short-term, hybrids can capture opportunities in France, primarily in the on-gas new build segment but also in the retrofit segment, driven by subsides – such as Maprimerénov - and positive customer economics.
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