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"Growing pressure to decarbonise heat and power generation means lower carbon technologies are beginning to eat into the market for existing technologies.

Manufacturers need to adapt their portfolio of offerings to avoid losing market share, but also need to be careful to ensure they adopt the right option for their portfolio based on the customer types, market and regulatory framework.

Delta-EE helps companies to navigate this in order to maximise their opportunity and stay on top of the latest developments."
Stephen Harkin, Head of Consulting

Delta-EE supports major global heating appliance, connected homes and distributed power technology manufacturers to understand the opportunity for emerging lower-carbon technologies and the growing competition to conventional technologies. Manufacturers and developers need to understand how to capture the value from new technologies and to identify the best markets for their current products to support their long-term strategy.

We support manufacturers and developers in strategy and portfolio development including identifying the most attractive technologies, the right markets and customers to target with them, and the business models or value propositions to utilise. We provide value chain support, analysis of route to market and market entry strategy.

Our work has focused on forecasting of technology uptake, both near term (to 2025) and further away (to 2050) in different countries, including understanding what impact policy and regulation will have on the future pathway. We have also worked with manufacturers on business model analysis and proposition support, competitor analysis and partnership screening, to support both short and long-term strategy.

Projects are commissioned on a bespoke basis and tailored to each individual client. Typically, our manufacturer and developer client projects include a mixture of customer & installer research, technology sales forecasting, policy and technology tracking policy, economic modelling, building stock segmentation, understanding commercial company decision making.

Case studies
Heating appliance manufacturer
A major European heating appliance manufacturer commissioned Delta-EE to support them in making a strategic decision on the expansion of its electric heating & hot water portfolio of products to offer to customers in Europe and Asia.
Digital services strategy
A major European appliance manufacturer commissioned Delta-EE to support their digital services strategy by supporting the development of a digital products and services roadmap and identifying new opportunities to present to their board.
Installer research
A major European heating appliance manufacturer commissioned Delta-EE to undertake installer research to provide segmentation in order to support their proposition development and identify which installers to target.
Market research and modelling
A major global materials manufacturer commissioned Delta-EE to provide market research and modelling to aid the development of a lower cost, more efficient and more reliable stationary fuel cell product.
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