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"We can help oil majors navigate a new market and offer them a direction in which to focus their challenge to incumbents in the new energy space.

Our work focuses on supporting their understanding of the whole new energy space - including technology propositions and business models in which they should engage to support their long term strategic aims, leveraging our deep understanding of the market."
Andy Bradley, Director

For oil majors, the energy transition in the downstream market is beginning to be recognised as a potential future opportunity for their businesses. Delta-EE helps oil majors learn quickly about what technologies and business models they could engage with, influence and succeed within a rapidly changing market undergoing a significant transition - particularly on the intersection between transport and heating.

We have supported oil majors in a number of ways, including building the knowledge within the organisation themselves, quickly building the skills and understanding required to make decisions on an unfamiliar market.

We have identified what technologies and business models are most appropriate for their engagement today and into the future, supporting companies in their investment decisions via partnership screening or competitor analysis. We provide reliable and robust future views and forecasts of the market, so oil and gas majors can develop a meaningful strategy and roadmap for delivery.

Projects are commissioned on a bespoke basis and tailored to each individual client. Typically, our projects include a mixture of customer & installer research, technology sales forecasting, market research, policy and technology tracking, economic modelling and an understanding of commercial customer decision making.

Case studies
C&I Distributed energy market
The client wished to have a high-level understanding of UK’s commercial and industrial (C&I) Distributed Energy market with a focus on Energy Storage, Gas engines (power-only generators and CHP), District Heating, and heat pumps.
New Energy strategy
An ambitious oil major with corporate ambition to grow earnings from ‘new energy’ commissioned Delta-EE to support the development of an integrated ‘new energy’ strategy. Focusing on battery storage Delta-EE provided insight on the market today and into the future, the business models and likely success factors.
Connected home partners
A European oil major asked Delta-EE to provide a rapid external view on potential connected home partners for its retail businesses to support adopting the best business model for roll-out and success.
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