New Energy Business Models Research

Understand, identify and take forward the most promising commercial opportunities from the increasing disruption in the energy sector

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"Europe’s energy transition is gathering pace, driven by the urgent need to decarbonise, the growing volumes of distributed generation, the rise of prosumers and the rapid advancement of digital technologies.

Change, disruption and opportunity abound. Energy companies face declining profit margins, rising customer expectations and increasing competition from agile, technology-led start-ups.

Identifying, developing and growing new business models is a huge challenge – but is vital to success and even the continued existence of energy companies."
Andy Bradley, Director
  • How are innovative propositions gaining traction in the market?
  • How can emerging technologies be used to deliver compelling new business models?
  • In what ways are customer expectations changing and what does this mean for my business?
  • How quickly will the energy transition progress, and where is the value emerging?
  • How are others - from incumbents to new entrants - responding to the threats and capturing opportunities?

Delta-EE's New Energy Business Model Service enables you to understand and identify the most promising opportunities and business models in new energy, providing data, analysis, insight and opinion to support you as you develop and implement them. 

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Recently published reports

C&I Energy as a Service: What is the opportunity and how to capture it?
This report explores the Energy as a Service (EaaS) business model, as it applies to the commercial and industrial (C&I) sectors.​
Smart Energy Propositions: Customer Proposition Testing
This report presents customer attitudes towards eleven smart energy propositions, covering the following three areas: Time-of-use tariffs, Local energy propositions, Solar + storage propositions. The results are based on customer research carried out by Delta-EE in January 2020.
What impact is Covid-19 having on new energy? Pt II
This viewpoint assesses the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the transition to new energy. It is a follow up to the viewpoint we published in June 2020: What impact is COVID-19 having on new energy activity at utilities and start-ups? Issue 2 focuses on two main areas:​ It provides an update on the impact of Covid-19 on the new energy activity of Europe’s major utilities​ It provides an overview of Europe’s policy responses to Covid-19, including major green focused stimulus packages
New Energy: An emerging investment sector?
This viewpoint analyses investments made into over 370 new energy companies, using data from the New Energy Business Model Service Database. It looks at which areas of new energy have received the most investment, the types of player investing in them and the level of investments made. It also provides Delta-EE’s view on opportunities in potentially overlooked categories.​

Company Case Studies

As part of our research, we regularly update our company profile library, identifying and analysing innovative business models in the energy sector – taking evidence from the market to inform corporate strategy.​ Companies researched so far include:

Time-of-use Optimisation

Green Mountain Power, Innowatio Gruppo, Reposit, SMAP Energy, Sonnen, Bidgely, iViTi AdrON, Next Kraftwerke, Nuvve, Orsted, REstore, Social Energy, Upside Energy, Moixa, Amber Electric, aWATTar, Dezera, EDP Redy, STROMDAO

Efficient consumption

FirstFuel, Fresh Energy, GreenPocket, Innowatts, ONZO, PowerZee, Comap (Qivivo), Tendril, BetterHome, Energiesprong

Lifestyle products

Climote, Sowee, Homix, NorthQ, Quby, Wondrwall, Howz, Netatmo, Smappee, Tibber, Comfy, Witricity

Market Operations

Flipper, June Energy, GreenSync, LO3, Lumenaza, Piclo (formerly Open Utility), Powerpeers, Amazon Home Services, Electricity Smart, Enervee, MyWave, Share&Charge (formerly Motionwerk), Smartklub

Energy as a Service

Thermondo, ME-Solshare, NorthStar Solar, LHouse (formerly RCG Lighthouse), Siemens, St1, THE FCTR E, Bundles, Centrica Business Solutions (formerly Ener-G), Connected Kerb, Gogoro, Sparkfund, We Drive Solar


Anglian Water, Orange Polska, Utility Warehouse, Totem Power, Beegy, HomeServe, Kiwigrid, Loxone, Tiko, Viessmann

The State of the New Energy Market Database

The State of the New Energy Market Database provides you with a tool to assess key companies and trends driving the transition from selling energy as a commodity, to selling new energy products and services. Focusing on 24 companies, and 7 major European markets, it combines quantitative and qualitative data on investments, internal innovations and the uptake of new energy technologies by residential customers.

New Energy Business Models Database

This database:

  • Provides a long list of over 350 new energy business models across Europe and beyond
  • Gives details on the country, the customer target and on the how the business model works
  • Uses our 6 business models pillars (time of use optimisation, marketplace operations, energy as a service, efficient consumption, lifestyle products, bundling) to categorise each business model