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What do we mean by microgrids?

With an increasingly distributed energy system, rapidly falling energy storage costs,
and a growing demand for flexibility and energy autonomy,
microgrids are fast becoming a key topic of commercial relevance.

Microgrids come in many shapes and sizes, but most incorporate the following basic characteristics:

microgrids solar

Distributed electricity generation & storage

(e.g. gas engines, micro-turbines, solar PV, fuel cells batteries)

microgrids buildings

Local electricity consumers

(e.g. commercial buildings, industrial facilities, housing)

microgrids controls

Dynamic system control,

which monitors local electricity generation and demand profiles and reactively optimises the assets connected to the microgrid (e.g. in order to minimise running costs, maximise onsite consumption, etc.)

Microgrids: A new growth opportunity – how can you benefit?

Published in 2017, our global Microgrids research looked at the player landscape, business models and value chains, key markets, future trends and case studies in the microgrids sector.


It answers the questions:

Who is deploying microgrids today and who will be in the future?

What business models will they deploy?

Where is the value for different players?

And how will falling energy storage costs enable greater penetration of microgrids?

and helps subscribers make commercial and strategic decisions regarding their participation within this rapidly evolving field.


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