Immersed in the 'new energy' space, the Delta-ee consulting team provides clients with bespoke knowledge-based advice to answer the critical questions which are impacting their business.

What makes our consulting different?

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 Deep knowledge

We are immersed in 'new energy'; it's all we do!


We are passionate about helping 'new energy' succeed faster and better than it would without Delta-ee.
This translates into flexible and creative approaches in our client work.

Our track record

The 'new energy' industry is still in its infancy. We are more than 14 years old.

Our breadth and depth

We look across 'new energy' but also have specialists in key knowledge areas

We've successfully delivered consulting support and advice to over 100 clients, including many of Europe's largest utilities, global blue-chip equipment manufacturers, policy makers, financial institutions and insurance companies.

Our projects range from a few days support through to many months of sustained engagement. We have a proven track record of responding flexibly and creatively to each client’s specific needs.  

Who do we work with?



System operators


Energy suppliers

& shapers

Policy makers

Technology companies
& manufacturers

Technology companies

Telcos, investors
& new entrants

New entrants

How can we help you?


  • Market analysis and forecast
    To enable clients to identify understand and capture specific market opportunities today and in the future

  • Propositions and customer research
    Combining Delta-ee real world experience and technical expertise to help clients evaluate and compare or contrast competing technologies in terms of technical performance, economics, carbon, and customer acceptance
  • Strategy and Innovation
    Supporting clients make effective strategic decisions and innovate for competitive advantage
  • Technology and Product analysis
    Enabling clients to understand where products and technologies will succeed, which supply chain to use, partners to work with, how to build an effective route to customer, and what the competitive landscape looks like in order to build a successful proposition
  • Peak Demand Forecasts
    Our expertise on the customer side of the meter enables us to provide deep insights into how demand profiles are evolving and the implications this has for the energy system

Case studies

Use the drop down menu below to learn more about previous consultancy work we have done. If you'd like to know more about or see if we have any examples of research that are relevant to the type of work you are looking for, feel free to get in touch.

Market analysis and forecast
CHP studies on non-EU countries
Major international gas engine player

Their need – to understand future market sizes, based on Delta-ee forecasts, for gas engines in 30+ countries around the world (ranging from US, China to Nigeria, Bangladesh, Tanzania).  This information was used by (1) the company’s sales and marketing divisions to identify suitable locations for distribution and service hubs and (2) by R&D teams to make decisions over future product development priorities.  The client was especially interested in our rationale and justification for our forecasts.

What Delta-ee provided – we produced tailored country-by-country gas engine market deployment forecasts for 30 markets, including in both CHP and biogas applications, and included deep detail on the key market drivers – policy & incentives, energy prices, market barriers, energy system quality & reliability, and the macro-economic outlook.

Opportunities for solid oxide fuel cell applications
Fuel cell developer

This developer commissioned Delta-ee to inform them in their decision on whether to industrialise their solid oxide fuel cell. To do this Delta-ee looked at the parameters their technology would need to achieve to compete in the following key markets – micro-CHP, CHP, Auxiliary power for trucks and uninterrupted power systems for telecoms.

Cogeneration Market Analysis
Major European utility

To inform the development of their generation strategy , this utility commissioned Delta-ee to better understand how cogeneration markets would develop in a number of European countries over the next five years.
Opportunities for CHP/Energy Management

Major Energy Services Provider

Delta-ee assisted the client in understanding the size and nature of the market for CHP and Energy Management in the commercial sector, and supported the client in developing a strategy to exploit the market opportunities in order to meet ambitious revenue targets.

UK Onsite Renewables Market
Major energy services company

Delta-ee provided this energy service company with an understanding of the UK market opportunity for onsite renewables in the non-residential sector, the competitive landscape and potential partners to enable this company to exploit this opportunity.
Proof of Market Study

To support development of the client’s business plan for a new and innovative HEM product, Delta-ee quantified the market potential, evaluated global opportunities, analysed competing products, identified possible routes to market and completed a cost/benefits analysis.
Demand Response Market Sizing and Potential in the UK
Major European Utility

The client was considering establishing a demand response business with commercial and industrial customers. To help develop a business case, Delta-ee helped it to understand the potential size and nature of the demand response resource across a wide range of industry sectors.

Entering the Irish Air Source Heat Pump Market
Energy Supplier

This client required a deep understanding of the market opportunity for heat pumps, and an evaluation of the range of heat pumps products and technology available. Delta-ee supported the client to launch a heat pumps offering.


 Public Studies



Delta-ee has completed a number of major projects for governmental leaders and industry associations, several of which are in the public domain. Visit our Public Studies web page to find out more and contact us if you would like further information.

Clients and Testimonials


If you'd like to find out more about our clients,
visit our Clients and Testimonials web page.

We will update the site with case studies in the near future, but if you would like any examples of previous work we have done, please get in touch and we would be happy to provide you with further information.