Energy networks - DNOs, DSOs and TSOs

Delta-ee helps network and system owners and operators understand how customers will use, store, and generate energy in the future- and how this will impact networks.  We also work strategically with network operators to help them understand their future positioning in a more distributed energy future. 




What we provide:
  • Load Profile, load growth and peak demand modelling, based on detailed technology, customer and building insights
  • Technology expertise and models, forecast and scenarios for technology adoption
  • Customer insights
  • Expertise on storage, connected home and wider sources of flexibility
  • Business model and strategy support for the future role of and opportunities for network operators




ARGB logo 310 27   ARGB A model to forecast future annual and peak gas demand in Brussels, Wallonia and Flanders, used by DSOs and the TSO to inform their planning and investment strategies.
electricitynorthwest2 Electricity North West

Ground-breaking granular analysis of impact of electric heat pumps on their network, including conflicts arising from locally-driven and national demand response.


nationalgrid National Grid

A heat market model and supporting analysis for National Grid to support their Future Energy Scenario analysis and modelling.


wales and west Wales and West

UtilitiesForecasting of future peak capacity requirements driven by changes in demand, appliance type and operation, enabling them to make better informed decisions on peak capacity requirements.


ENA logo Energy Networks Association Customer-led scenarios for the future of residential heating to 2050, used to provide new insights into policy development for heat.
scottish government Scottish Government Development of a model assessing regional and temporal peak demand and generation from heating in buildings and together with Smarter Grid Solutions, the associated impacts on the electricity distribution network.