EVs (Electric Vehicles)

We have unique knowledge and insight across a range of microgeneration technologies.

We provide clients with insight on the latest innovations and technology developments, market trends and forecasts, and the implications for their future business.

Research on the emerging markets and technologies

Delta-ee focuses its research on the emerging markets and technologies for EV charging infrastructure and its interface with electricity markets. We have deep knowledge of EV recharging technologies, including DC-charging infrastructure, and an extensive network of industry contacts.


Example Consulting Engagements


Analysis of EV Charging Technologies
European utility

Delta-ee undertook a study of the state of the charging infrastructure industry – the current functionality of technologies, and the likely future evolution.
Standards for EV Charging
Trade Association

The client required an analysis of standards for EV charging infrastructure to support its decision to invest in this market.

Forecasts for EV Charging Infrastructure Costs to 2050
Large UK Utility

In-depth analysis of current and future EV charging infrastructure costs, carried in collaboration with a large UK utility as part of an Energy Technologies Institute project. We also identified potential supply chain constraints for this market.



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