Micro-CHP Webinar - Will Fuel Cell Micro-CHP Make it in Europe by 2020?


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Micro-CHP markets are already emerging in Europe, Asia and North America, bringing opportunities and threats to utilities and heating equipment manufacturers.

In order to support these groups in key decision-making, we have been closely monitoring the markets, technologies, and policies, since 2004. In this time,  we have built up the deep knowledge that makes us uniquely qualified to analyse recent developments and comment on future market potential. 

With our extensive networks and exceptional track record in this field, we are the authoritative, independent voice on the worldwide micro-CHP market.

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Micro-CHP Webinar - Will Fuel Cell Micro-CHP Make it in Europe by 2020?
24th January 2013

What is fuel cell micro-CHP (FCMCHP) success? The majority of those we spoke to from the industry said it was the achievement of at least 70,000 – 100,000 units per year, across Europe, in 2020. In our recent report we examined the growth that is needed to achieve such sales figures. We concluded that it will be a challenge for the market to reach these levels within the period, but that a number of 'wildcards' could help to boost early sales. In this webinar we expand on the key messages from the report and give further insight into our research on the subject of fuel cell micro-CHP.


Micro-CHP (1 - 5kWe) Efficiency by Technology: 2011 - 2012
 Micro-CHP Thermal Efficiency
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About the Delta-ee 'Micro-CHP in Europe' Summit

The Delta-ee micro-CHP Summit provides a unique opportunity for micro-CHP stakeholders to network with their peers, discuss latest developments, exchange views on important industry issues and hold informal discussions.

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The 7th Annual Summit was held in Windsor in June 2012.

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Eifer / EDF

“Great opportunity to meet and discuss with the main stakeholders of mchp industry”
Scottish Power

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EC Power


“The unique chance to meet the major key players in the m-chp business in two days”

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