Distributed Power - Gas Engines

5 kWe to over 10MWe

We research international markets for gas engines in all applications and using all fuels.

The Global Gas Engine Market

The global gas engine market has been a core research focus of ours for over twenty years.  During that time, engine sales have increased several-fold and the outlook for continued further growth in many countries appears bright.

The sector is also highly dynamic from a product and technology perspective.  In recent years, we have witnessed new players entering the market, and product ranges expanding to include ever larger - and smaller – systems.  Meanwhile, policies, regulations and associated incentives are evolving fast in many countries.

Today, our research & analysis covers packaged ‘mini-CHP’ units with electrical generating capacities ranging from 5 to 500 kWe right through to the largest gas engines on the market today with capacities in excess of 10 MWe.

Our international research also includes deep analysis of today’s market trends and delivery of independent and detailed forecasts for future sales – by country, size range segment, fuel (including natural gas, biogas, landfill gas etc) and end-use application.

Our research covers diverse gas engine applications, including:

  • High-efficiency CHP
  • Peak power
  • Base load power
  • Standby power

Why Delta-ee?:

  • Over 20 years of international gas engine market analysis experience.
  • An extensive international network of industry contacts.
  • A strong track record of high quality client delivery.  See below for examples of research we carry out in this sector.
Examples of Recent Research on International Gas Engine Markets


European Mini-CHP Market Assessment - <100 kWe

Global Distributed Power Product Manufacturer

Our client is developing new products for the European market in the sub-100 kWe size range.  Delta-ee provided a detailed analysis of current European market trends and developed scenarios for future sales for engine and fuel cell products in the 5 to 50 kWe size range.  We provided forecasts for 2015 and 2020 in two key European markets – Germany and the UK.  We included a comprehensive list of the current products on the market and assessed how the markets were likely to evolve for both engines and fuel cell products towards 2020.


Global Gas Engine Market Analysis & Forecasts - <5 MWe

Major gas engine player

Our client is evaluating and developing new global sales and marketing strategies for an expanding range of gas engine products in the sub-5 MWe size range.  Delta-ee used our existing market databases and network of international research contacts to provide analysis of current and historic sales trends in more than 20 of the world’s major markets.  We also provided sales forecasts for 2016 and 2020. 


European Gas Engine Multi-Client Studies: '10-400 kWe' & '400 kWe - 5 MWe'

Gas engine manufacturers, major utilities, CHP packers, component suppliers, and more

Delta-ee has published two multi-client studies focussed on the European market for gas engines.

The first looked at gas engines in the 400 kWe to 5 MWe size range and provided in-depth analysis on the current trends, future drivers and sales projections for 2015 & 2020, segmented by size, application and fuel for 18 different countries.

More recently – June 2013 – a similar study considered mini-gas engines in the size range 10 kWe to 400 kWe in 15 countries. Current sales figures and future sales projections are provided for each country and also segmented into 10 - 100 kWe & 100 - 400 kWe size bands and applications including CHP, biogas and power-only installations.

Both studies are available to purchase now.

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