Hydrogen Research

How the global hydrogen sector is developing

Coming soon: Delta-EE's hydrogen research service - the latest intelligence from the hydrogen sector

Leon Gielen

"Hydrogen is an emerging new pillar of the European energy sector.

It will affect the whole energy value chain – causing disruption and creating a broad spread of new opportunities as the energy transition continues to unfold. These opportunities will be interwoven with the wider transition in the electricity, gas and mobility sectors.

Understanding and navigating these threats and opportunities will be critical for a wide range of companies – from the utilisation end of the value chain, through to gas transportation and storage, and to hydrogen production.

Fundamentally, there are big questions about the nature of a potentially huge hydrogen prize – and who will claim it."
Head of Business Development - Japan
  • Who is doing what with whom, why are they doing it and how?
  • How are end-use applications for hydrogen developing and why?
  • What is the state of play with blending hydrogen in the gas network, with repurposing networks for hydrogen, and developing new networks?
  • Who is leading in developing and deploying conversion and end-use applications? How can you assess the players in the value chain?
  • How quickly is green and blue hydrogen set to emerge, where, by whom, with what investment, and with what business models?

Delta-EE's Hydrogen Research enables you to make the best-informed decisions by providing data, analysis and insights on how the global hydrogen sector is developing. 

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