Hydrogen Research

Helping you make the best-informed decisions by providing data, analysis, insights and realism on how the global clean hydrogen sector is developing

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"Clean hydrogen is an emerging pillar of the global new energy sector.

A true cross-sector energy vector, it will affect the whole energy value chain – causing disruption and creating a broad spread of new opportunities as the energy transition continues to unfold. These opportunities will be interwoven with the wider transition in the electricity, heating, mobility and industrial sectors.

Understanding and navigating these threats and opportunities will be critical for a wide range of companies throughout the value chain – from clean hydrogen production, through its storage and distribution and especially its end-use applications.

Fundamentally, there are big questions about the nature of a potentially huge prize – and who will claim that prize."
Robert Bloom, Analyst
  • Who is doing what in clean hydrogen - why, where, how and with whom?
  • Who is leading in developing and deploying clean hydrogen production and end-use applications and how is this evolving?
  • What sectors and end-use applications will drive demand for clean hydrogen and how will these applications develop?
  • Where is the value in clean hydrogen now and in the future and how can you assess the players in this value chain?
  • Where are clean hydrogen projects and value chains most advanced? Why?

Delta-EE's Hydrogen Research enables you to make the best-informed decisions by providing data, analysis and insights on how the global hydrogen sector is developing. 

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Recent insights

Hydrogen blending in natural gas networks: How will a market develop?
A viewpoint exploring how hydrogen blending moves from technical demonstrations to a genuine market for injecting hydrogen into natural gas networks.
Clean Hydrogen Projects database: Hydrogen blending dashboard
An interactive dashboard compiling clean hydrogen project data relating to hydrogen blending in natural gas networks installed in key global markets from our database.
Project profiles: Q2 release
The Q3 release of five project profiles looking into innovative clean hydrogen projects across Europe including: Hydeploy phase II, others TBC.
Clean Hydrogen Projects database: European Electrolyser dashboard July 2021 update
Updating our view on the EU electrolyser market from the end of 2020 to July 2021, we have had nearly 10 projects go live, with over 20 future projects added. We also introduced project risking metrics to help dispel some of the hype surrounding project announcements.
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Clean Hydrogen Database

  • Tracking production of low carbon hydrogen with a focus on green (water electrolysis) and blue hydrogen (fossil fuels and CCS)
  • Clean hydrogen distribution whether via blended or pure hydrogen networks, or via haulage or shipping
  • Key end-use applications across mobility, industry, heat and power sectors
  • Linkages with the wider energy transition including interaction of electrolysers with electricity and integration of clean hydrogen with natural gas networks

Updated frequently, the database tracks over 100 types of information on clean hydrogen projects, such as country of origin, companies involved, sector of application, investment and many more.

The database is accessed through a user-friendly, intuitive series of dashboards corresponding to our topic reports to improve client interaction with our hard to get data.