Heating Business Service

Capturing opportunities for new customer propositions and routes to market in the transition to 'new heat'

The Heating Business Service analyses how heating products and services are sold, while the Electrification of Heat Service and Gas Heating Service provide a current and future view of what heating products are being sold across Europe and in other key markets.

What topics does the research cover?

What ‘new heat’ business models are emerging across Europe and how do they capture value?
Which ‘new heat’ propositions are proving most successful with customers and why?
How fast are heating business models evolving and what factors affect the rate of transition?
Who are the new entrants threatening heating industry incumbents?
How significantly will the transition to ‘new heat’ impact the heating value chain?

How does this research help subscribers?

chs help
Make strategic decisions about what customer propositions to offer today.
Develop successful customer propositions for different segments based on independent customer research and analysis.
Track the evolving competitive landscape for heating propositions and decide how to position your business.
Navigate changes in sales channels and the impact these have on the heating value chain.
Keep on top of important industry developments and understand how they impact your business.

Who can this research help?

This research can help a wide range of industry stakeholders, including but not limited to:
Product Manufacturers
Energy Suppliers
Service Providers
Technology Developers
Component Suppliers
Energy Retailers
Network Operators

What do subscribers get?

CHS report yellow 


Focus reports analysing strategic topics of interest


Delta-EE's assessment of recent industry developments


Databases of facts and figures behind the reports


Analyst access to provide ad hoc support and answer questions

Webinar briefings to share and discuss our latest research

Annual Delta-EE Summit

Find out more

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If you'd like to know more about Delta-EE's Heating Business Service, contact the team:
Roxanne Pieterse

Roxanne Pieterse

Service Manager
Lindsay Sugden

Lindsay Sugden

Head of Heat

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