Heating Business Research

How to evolve from selling individual products and commodities to become a successful home energy solutions provider

roxanne pieterse

"The transition from ‘old heat’ to ‘new heat’ is disrupting the market.

Low carbon technology ecosystems are needed to meet decarbonisation targets. New competitors are emerging with innovative product and service propositions. Sales channels are being disrupted. And the role of customers in the energy system is fundamentally changing.

Business models must evolve to reflect this. Energy companies and HVAC manufacturers are starting to navigate these challenges in order to capture the opportunities that the transition to ‘new heat’ brings."
Roxanne Pieterse, Heat expert
  • What 'new heat' business models are emerging across Europe and how do they capture value?
  • Which 'new heat' propositions are proving most successful with customers and why?
  • How fast are heating business models evolving and what factors affect the rate of transition?
  • Who are the new entrants threatening heating industry incumbents, and how are incumbents responding?
  • How significantly will the transition to 'new heat' impact the heating value chain?

Delta-EE's Heating Business Service provides data, insights, analysis and opinion that enables you to make the best informed strategic decisions and drive revenue growth in these emerging markets. 

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Recently published reports

Viewpoint: Are heating system bundles the future of HVAC sales?
An assessment of heating bundle offerings on the market today, what the benefits are for the providers and customers, the challenges of offering bundles, and our outlook for the future.
Database: European heating market landscape
An update and expansion of our database covering residential heating market statistics in major European markets from 2015 onwards. Including: housing stock characteristics; installed base and annual sales of heating systems; energy costs, suppliers and meters/controls; heating system maintenance/insurance contracts.
Viewpoint: Creating compelling customer propositions with remote diagnostics
In this viewpoint we evaluate several remote diagnostics service propositions to determine how service providers can make propositions more attractive and increase customer uptake.
Report: Heat as a service – state of the market
An overview of propositions available across Europe today, how much customer traction they are gaining, and new models currently in development.

European Heating Market Landscape

This database provides:

  • Residential heating market statistics for France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands from 2015 onwards
  • housing stock characteristics
  • installed base and annual sales of heating systems
  • energy costs, suppliers and meters/controls
  • heating system maintenance/insurance contracts