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What is the future of gas in buildings – both for appliances and low carbon gases, and how can you best capture the opportunities and respond to the threats?

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"To meet long term climate targets, the energy use of buildings must change. Space and water heating are key building energy loads that must be decarbonised significantly compared to today.

Electrification will play a role, but there are a host of opportunities for gas: greater use of high efficiency gas heating technologies; and growth of decarbonised gases, including hydrogen."
Steven Ashurst, Gas Heating expert
  • How are policy and regulations affecting gas-based heating and where are they going?
  • How much traction are high efficiency products getting, where, and with what propositions? What's the outlook?
  • Will technology development and innovation unlock new opportunities?
  • What's the role for natural gas, low carbon gases and hydrogen in a decarbonising, more electrified future?
  • What approaches with hydrogen for heat are emerging, and what ways forward will have the most success?

Delta-EE's Gas Heating Service provides data, insight, analysis and opinion to enable you to develop the best approach and to capture for high efficiency gas appliances and low carbon gases across Europe. 

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Recently published reports

Hybrid heat pumps in Europe – How long is the window of opportunity?
Hybrid heat pumps have been an available technology option for decarbonising heating for several years. They can offer several benefits over other heating technologies, including being lower-carbon and more efficient than boilers, and providing solutions to some of the key challenges associated with fully electric heat pumps (especially in retrofit). But how many are currently being sold? Which markets and which housing segments are they gaining traction in, today? And how long might the ‘window of opportunity’ remain open for hybrids? This report presents our answers to these key questions.
H2 for Heat vs Electrification: What could be cheaper for the end-user in 2030?
Will heating technologies using 100% H2 offer a cheaper means to decarbonise residential heat than electric air/water heat pu mps for the end user of 2030? Will electrons or molecules win the battle for the gas retrofit market? Looking at the five major heating markets across Europe ( DE, FR, IT, NL and UK) we identify the countries and the number of homes within them where using H2 boilers, H2 hybrids heat pumps, H2 gas heat pumps and PEMFC m CHP for heat could be cheaper than using electric heat pumps.
EU Gas Boiler Market 2019
This report provides a summary of the European gas boiler market – specifically annual sales trends and how their treatment by policy is developing – and as a consequence what this has meant for other high efficiency gas heating (HEG) appliances.
Micro-CHP Annual Roundup and Market Outlook
The global micro-CHP market currently sits at sales volumes of around 60,000 units per year, mostly coming from Japan. This is the trend that has been experienced across the last few years. Although, at the same time, many changes have been taking place – regarding company strategy, product availability and with policy – that we expect will allow market volumes to gradually begin climbing again into and throughout the early 2020s. The picture going forward could come to be even better than we expect in our reference scenario market forecast, however at this moment in time not all micro-CHP market drivers are optimal, and the industry itself has not indicated that growth in micro-CHP sales is its key priority for the years ahead.
european heating market database

European Heating Market Landscape Database

This database provides:

  • Residential heating market statistics for France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands from 2015 onwards
  • housing stock characteristics
  • installed base and annual sales of heating systems
  • energy costs, suppliers and meters/controls
  • heating system maintenance/insurance contracts

Information on our Micro-CHP and Hydrogen for Heating databases can be found here.

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