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In the new episode of Talking New Energy we head to Texas, to explore what we can learn from the February power crisis. The crisis left over 4.5 million homes and businesses without power, some for many days, and some estimate the economic damage at a staggering $195 billion. Lots has been written about the causes, with much of the attention on the supply side of the market. There’s been less focus on what we saw happen with customers – or the demand side. And while these crises have had terrible impacts, they also provide an opportunity to step back and see how markets could be reformed.

Host Jon Slowe is joined by Lynne Kiesling, an economist and Visiting Professor at Carnegie Mellon University; Sid Sachdeva, Founder and CEO at Innowatts, a SaaS platform that leverages insights from more than 40 million meters, many of which were in the region affected by the crisis; and Delta-EE expert Jon Ferris, one of our experts on how the demand side can participate more in electricity markets.

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