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Catch up on the latest webinar from our heat research team.

More attention than ever is being focussed on improving Europe’s existing buildings & tackling carbon emissions from heating and cooling. Multiple technology solutions exist to improve heating efficiency and decarbonise home comfort. But pure electrification faces possible challenges dealing with winter peaks, and decarbonised gases - while promising - are currently a long way off being available in the quantities needed.

Natural gas use is coming under increasing pressure, but is unlikely to phased out any time soon. Within this mix, hybrid heat pumps can offer the best of both worlds: making use of low carbon electricity & reducing natural gas use today, while alleviating grid constraints & keeping the door open for decarbonised gases in the future. Join the Delta-EE Heat team for this webinar where we will present our views & insights on:

  • Where the market is at for hybrid heat pumps in Europe today
  • What benefits hybrid heat pumps can bring, to end-users and to commercial players in the energy system
  • How long the window of opportunity might be for hybrid heat pumps in Europe

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