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Delta-ee MicroCHP
Delta-ee Delta-ee MicroCHP

Register for the latest webinar from Delta-EE's EVs team, taking place on Tuesday 21st January at 10am GMT.

Access to public charging infrastructure is widely considered a critical enabler for EV uptake. With combined public sector pressure and commercial opportunity, Europe’s public charging market is developing fast and Energy stakeholders are eager to not miss out. In this webinar, Delta-EE will share some of its research into this market, answering questions such as:

- Where are Europe’s chargepoints and how do countries differentiate from each other?
- How should I segment the public charging market?
- Where does the investment come from and what are the business models?
- Who are the market leaders today?


Listen to the first episode of Talking New Energy of 2020.

In this episode we bring three themes together: electrification of transport; move from product ownership to services, or 'as a Service'; and the coming together of two established industries, energy and transport. These three themes come together in electric car subscription businesses. Host Jon Slowe is joined by Phillipp Maul from Juicar in Switzerland, and Rob Jolly from EVezy in the UK, both of whom are at the forefront of this emerging area. Also joining is Delta-EE EVs expert, Abhishek Sampat. 

The new Platforms for enabling demand side flexibility report, from Delta-EE's Flexibility Research Service, offers a definition for demand side flexibility and categorises four demand side flexibility platforms looking in detail at their capabilities, value streams and business examples. It also suggests future interactions and interoperability of demand side flexibility platforms.

The report is available to subscribers here.

For non-subscribers, get in touch for access.

Singapore and the Philippines have historically been small markets for gas engines with installations bellow 10 MWe per year. Most gas engines in both countries have been fuelled by biogas, but future prospects for natural gas applications are seen in the Philippines after new LNG terminals are commissioned from 2021.

The latest report from the Distributed Power Service looks at this region in-depth. Available here for subscribers to the Distributed Power Service, get in touch for further information.

As penetration of photovoltaics grows, so does interest in using the electricity generated locally. In France, there is growing interest and activity in this concept, known as collective self-consumption. Jon Slowe is joined this week by Victoria Tran from Enedis, the main French distribution system operator; Remi Bastien from Enogrid, which providees support and software for collective self-consumption; and Delta-EE expert Rita Desmyter.

Visit to listen.

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