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Delta-ee MicroCHP
Delta-ee Delta-ee MicroCHP

Local Energy Systems have the potential to provide resilience in a number of ways. Microgrids are well known for their ability to maintain energy supplies in the event of grid failure even during natural disasters, and can also support the wider energy system. Energy Communities on the other hand whilst not necessarily providing physical resilience, can often promote societal resilience by supporting local enterprises and citizens. This webinar explores the various ways in which types of LES provide resilience both in Europe and overseas, and explains why resilience is only set to increase in importance over the coming years.

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Hydrogen could be flowing through gas pipes into homes in the future. If so, we’ll need boilers that can run on hydrogen to heat our homes, as well as hydrogen powered fuel cells or hydrogen powered thermally driven heat pumps. In this episode of Talking New Energy, the podcast from Delta-EE, we explore the challenges in developing hydrogen boilers. Host Jon Slowe is joined by two of Europe’s leading boiler manufacturers - Tom Collins, Hydrogen Lead at Bosch Thermotechnology; Jon Phillips, Group Product Manager for wall hung boilers at BDR Thermea; and Delta-EE expert Steven Ashurst. Find out more about our hydrogen research at

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Customers will be at the heart of much of the energy transition. No longer does the boundary of the energy system end at the meter: EVs, heat pumps, batteries and flexible loads will all play a big role in services to customers and the energy system. In this episode of Talking New Energy, the podcast from Delta-EE, we take a look at customers needs and wants, how they react to certain propositions, and we also look at highlights of Delta-EE's customer research. Host Jon Slowe is joined by Delta-EE experts, David Trevithick and Lodovica Di Deodato.

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Listen to the latest episode of Talking New Energy, the podcast from Delta-EE.

Europe has built up one of the best gas distribution infrastructures in the world. There’s one problem though. It distributes natural gas, a fuel that we will hardly be able to use if we’re to reach our net zero targets. Can we use the infrastructure instead for clean hydrogen – either blended with natural gas as a stepping stone, or with pure hydrogen in the future? In this episode we put aside discussion on the extent to which we should do this – and focus on whether or not we can do this, and what’s involved in doing so.

Jon Slowe is joined by Eva Henning, Head of Department for EU Energy Policy at Thüga, an alliance of German municipal energy companies (as well as chair of Eurogas’s distribution committee); Keith Owen Head of Systems Development and Energy Strategy at Northern Gas Networks in the UK; and Delta-EE expert, Rob Castek.

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Our Distributed Power Service has updated its Indonesia country report. 

Gas engine installations in Indonesia declined from about >400 MWe in 2019 (peak year) to about <100 MWe in 2020. Market decline is mainly a side-effect from the COVID-19 pandemic (downward pressure on GDP growth, electricity demand, government finances, and construction sector growth). The Indonesian market will remain a key global market nentheless and we expect recovery late-2021 onwards, as Indonesia’s gas grid becomes more comprehensive and B2G and IPP power plant projects get back on track.

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