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Delta-ee MicroCHP
Delta-ee Delta-ee MicroCHP

The Connected Home Service has published a new report on Connectivity in New Build.

This report analyses the emerging trends of the Connected New Build (CNB) rising in France. The report covers the state of the CNB market which includes: the rollout progress of the leading housing developers from 2014 to 2019, the planning programs of each developers by 2024, the position of leading manufacturers and infrastructure/software developers along with their partnerships and the company profiles for the key players in the market.

Subscribers to the Connected Home Service can access the report here.

If you are not a subscriber but are interested in the topic, contact us.

Delta-EE's New Energy Business Model Service has published a viewpoint report on Peer to Peer (P2P) energy trading.

“Peer to Peer” energy trading implies direct interaction between prosumer and consumer. In reality, nearly all peer to peer (P2P) exchanges of energy in Europe are ‘virtual’, not ‘physical’. Strictly speaking, rarely are they even exchanges between peers, but more often between contracted members of an energy community.

The report is available to subscribers of the New Energy Business Model Service here.

If you would like more information or to access the report and are not a subscriber, please get in touch.

We are very pleased to announce the Europe-Japan Energy Transition Forum, taking place in Tokyo, Japan on Monday 17th February. This event has grown from our ongoing relationship with our clients and colleagues in Japan.

As the energy transition moves forward, it is clear that Japan has much to learn from European energy players. Likewise, Japan provides insight and learnings to European companies. This event creates the ideal opportunity for Delta-EE to share its research with Japanese clients, via translated presentations. A Q&A session will allow delegates to delve even deeper into topics such as electric vehicles and fleets, virtual power plants and platforms, and new energy business models.

You can find out information on speakers and the topics covered at

Delta-EE holds its next webinar on Heat as a Service, an ever growing topic in the European heating sector.

In this webinar we explore:
- What is Heat as a Service?
- What's behind the recent interest in Heat as a Service?
- Examples of service-based business models for heating
- Delta-EE's outlook for how the market will evolve

Register for this upcoming Delta-EE webinar here.

Listen to the latest episode of Talking New Energy, available now.

Jon Slowe, Delta-EE Director and host, is joined by Hallstein Hagen, Senior Consultant from NODES, Marko Kruithof, Programme Manager at GOPACS, and Philippa Hardy, Delta-EE Flexibility expert. They discuss platforms, flexibility and congestion in electricity networks, and the role demand side flexibility, PV and electrification will play in this.

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