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Delta-ee MicroCHP
Delta-ee Delta-ee MicroCHP

Episode 12 of Talking New Energy, Transforming homes with super-insulation and high-efficiency heating, is now available. 

Host Jon Slowe is joined by Delta-ee heat expert Lindsay Sugden, Joris Jonker, Founder/CEO of The FCTR E and Kristofer Fichtner, Co-Founder of Ecoworks. This week they discuss transforming homes with super-insulation and high-efficiency heating.

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Delta-ee features in a recent article by Fleetworld. The article discusses the future for electric vehicles and why drivers want to switch.

Alexander Lewis-Jones, EVs and electricity research service manager at Delta-ee says “the latest cars are just more appealing than combustion engine vehicles. This is a trend that’s set to increase, especially with the [Tesla] Model 3 coming in March; we think this will change the reasons why people are going into an EV”.

Read the article here.

Episode 11 of Talking New Energy is now availalble. Platforms are a hot topic across the European energy sector. In a highly distributed world, they can bring together thousands, even millions of assets, capturing value from data or running a virtual power plant.

In this episode, we hear from two of Europe's leading residential energy platforms. Talking New Energy host and Delta-ee Director Jon Slowe speaks to Charmaine Coutinho, Head of Consulting at Delta-ee, Sandra Trittin, Co-Founder and Head of Business Development and Marketing at tiko, and Conor Maher-McWilliams, Head of Flexibility at Kaluza.

"There are lots of assets that can be and are being connected to platforms from batteries to electric vehicles to hot water tanks, they’re a hot topic. does everyone have a platform today or does every energy company want a platform, is everyone building one or buying one or developing one?" - Jon Slowe, Talking New Energy host and Delta-ee Director.

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Episode 10 of Talking New Energy is now available. Buying a new heating system has traditionally meant getting quotes from installers. Now, new entrants and incumbents alike are using web-based platforms to provide customers with a slicker way to buy a heating system.

In this episode, we speak with Philip Pausder, CEO of Thermondo, who is pioneering this approach. Roxanne Pieterse, heat analyst at Delta-ee, also joins Jon Slowe, Delta-ee Director and Talking New Energy host.

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The latest EVs and Electricy webinar, "European Electric Vehicle Customer Research: The Results – courtesy of Delta-ee’s EVs & Electricity Research Service team", was held on June 27th. 

In this webinar, we presented highlights from our new customer research, with results collected from existing and prospective EV drivers across key European markets. Our survey captured insights from over 1,000 respondents across five countries: France, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and the UK.

During the webinar, we shared results from questions such as:

  • How are EV owners charging their cars today?
  • Who are the leading home EV chargepoint suppliers brands across Europe?
  • How many drivers have changed their electricity tariff as a result of owning an EV?
  • How appealing is smart charging, both for existing and prospective EV drivers?
  • For EV drivers who engage with smart charging, which methods of value sharing and reimbursement are most appealing?

Watch the webinar here.

Visit to find out about our upcoming webinars and watch those previously recorded.

Delta-ee's consultancy team helps organisations highlight the impact of smart meters on consumers' costs and climate change.

"Smart meters can help households to use electricity when the wind is blowing and the sun is shining as part of a future low carbon energy system". 

Delta-ee has produced work for Smart Energy GB to highlight the cost savings and carbon savings smart meters can deliver. Find our reports here.

Watch the Smart Energy GB video featuring Delta-ee's analyst, Erica Marshall Cross, here.

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