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Delta-ee MicroCHP
Delta-ee Delta-ee MicroCHP

The domestic energy supply market is rapidly changing. Citizens Advice has published “Future for all: Making a future retail energy market work for everyone”, a report based on research findings from Delta-ee and Impact.

Citizens Advice’s key aim is to understand how accessible future energy supply models will be for different types of customer, and how measures can be introduced to ensure that all customers can benefit from future energy markets. “The scope of the research is the domestic GB energy market. However we recognise that future energy models will also impact microbusiness consumers”.

Access the report here.

Delta-ee features in the Energyst's recently published 2019 EV report. "With V2G, EVs can play the same role as static batteries in managing local loads and participating in energy market value streams. The technology could become a powerful disruptor to European electricity markets, but is not yet commercially available".

Alexander Lewis-Jones, Delta-ee's EVs & Electricity Research Service Manager, answers questions including “where is V2G happening” and “who are the leading players?”.

View the article here or download your free copy of the report at

Momentum is rapidly growing into the investigation of whether or not hydrogen can be used to heat buildings. Many products have already been developed and are currently operating in live trials, across several countries. Early movers are fully committed, and there is no shortage of additional stakeholders becoming involved. If the technical capability of using hydrogen in boilers (along with the essential ability to produce clean hydrogen at scale) can be successfully demonstrated, hydrogen heating could become a revolutionary factor in our quest to decarbonise. It’s not hype, but that doesn’t mean it is a foregone conclusion.

Our latest Gas Heating Service report and accompanying ‘H2 for Heating Infobase’ give a detailed understanding of the state of play and what the next steps towards hydrogen heating will be.

The new FES scenarios highlight that EVs are a critical technology to achieving the necessary net zero ambitions of our government. This is not just due to the decarbonisation of transport but also of the electricity system as whole. Understanding the EV customer is a non-negotiable to capturing the opportunity associated with the necessary and inevitable EV tipping point.

Our latest EVs & Electricity report takes a deep dive into European EV customer. Visit to find out more about the service. 

Delta-ee analyst, Robert Castek, will attend Westminster Energy, Environment & Transport Forum in London on Tuesday 16 July.

"This conference looks at the future of the UK gas network - including the regulatory challenges that the industry faces and the next steps for decarbonising gas in the energy, heat and transport sectors".

Find more information here.

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