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Delta-ee MicroCHP
Delta-ee Delta-ee MicroCHP

Blockchain in energy does not appear set to reach mainstream application anytime soon. Whilst some would argue it is still early days for the technology, we have not found much evidence that many applications of blockchain in energy will move beyond ‘pilot-mode’ in the next few years. There are two key issues holding it back - these are revealed in our new Blockchain in energy report.

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This country report is part of a European series providing insights on the state of the Local Energy Systems market. By Local Energy Systems, we included a large variety of systems: energy communities, smart grids, self-consumption, microgrids (islandable systems), offgrid systems, and underlined specific national concepts, i.e., the Mieterstrom model in Germany, or the collective self-consumption in France.

This report will allow the reader to gain an understanding of a specific market with dominant business models, drivers and barriers, national regulations, trends, implementation zones and opportunities for development. In terms of methodology, we gathered data with a European-wide market survey and completed our analysis with industry experts’ interviews and desk-based research.

Already a small market, the business case for commercial and industrial (C&I) energy storage in key European markets has stalled over the past year. The key driver remains the cost of energy for C&I businesses, but there are several barriers to successful projects. These barriers relate to the suitability of an individual customer site to storage, issues around customer engagement with energy and the regulatory environment in which storage systems operate.

The latest report from the Energy Storage Research Service explores these drivers and barriers.

Heating controls play a vital role in keeping our buildings comfortable. And as decarbonisation comes more and more into the spotlight, so does the focus on heat. Much of this focus is on the fuel for heating and the appliances used. But heating controls are a vital part of the ecosystem. And, like many parts of the energy sector, it’s a dynamic sector. We’re in the middle of a shift from analogue to digital, and heating controls will have to keep pace with a likely growth in electrically-driven heating. To explore what’s going on in the world of heating controls, host Jon Slowe is joined this week by Remi Volpe, Vice President of Residential Temperatur Control at Schneider Electric, Eamon Conway, Managing Director of Climote, and Delta-EE's Arthur Jouannic.

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In this week's episode of Talking New Energy, the podcast from Delta-EE, host Jon Slowe is joined by John Murray, Delta-EE EV expert, Mark Henderson, Gridserve, and Stirling Habbitts, Triodos Bank. This week they discuss the financing of the EV charging infrastructure. Listen to the episode at

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