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Delta-ee MicroCHP
Delta-ee Delta-ee MicroCHP

Register now for Delta-ee's upcoming webinar, Remote boiler diagnostics: What’s really happening and is it worth investing in?

Several approaches for remote boiler diagnostics have already emerged and there are several commercial use cases in the market today. However, the market is very fragmented and there is a wide range of companies from heating system manufacturers, controls companies, home service providers and energy suppliers looking to capture the value in the market. This webinar will analyse the emerging battleground and help understand the scale, speed and competition for this emerging opportunity.

We will specifically discuss the following points:
• An introduction to remote boiler diagnostics: how it works, main approaches, key use cases and key markets
• How much value could remote boiler diagnostics provide?
• How will the market for remote diagnostics develop in the future?

If you have any questions or have any issues connecting to the webinar, email [email protected]

Register now for the upcoming webinar from the EVs (electric vehicles) & Electricity Research Service, Electric fleets: six approaches to EV charging.

Across Europe, car and van fleets are increasingly moving to EV. This is creating a distinct customer segment that EV charging providers are tailoring propositions for. With this in mind, Delta-ee will share some of its latest insights from the EVs & Electricity Research Service. In this webinar, we will discuss:
• What are the different needs for fleet customers?
• What is the fleet EV charging value chain?
• What key approaches are emerging and what does this mean for different companies in this sector?
• Case studies of leading European propositions

For more information, or if you need any help registering, contact [email protected]

Philippa Hardy, manager of Delta-ee's Flexibility Research Service, attended Flexcon 2018 in Brussels in November last year. Watch the roundup video below.

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