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Delta-ee MicroCHP
Delta-ee Delta-ee MicroCHP

Many thousands of thermally driven heat pumps – driven by combustion of natural gas – have been installed across Europe. While boilers are efficient, thermally driven heat pumps are a step higher, as they capture low grade heat from the air, operating at efficiencies of 160% and more. In this episode of Talking New Energy we look into the state of the thermally driven heat pump market today, and explore where it may be heading. Host Jon Slowe is joined by David Dupuis, Project Manager for Innovative Gas Products at Engie; Stefan van Uffelen, CEO of Cooll Technologies in the Netherlands, and Delta-EE expert Steven Ashurst.

DSOs are facing an ongoing challenge: They need to ensure the quality of electricity supply, while at the same time facilitate the energy transition by allowing an increasingly large volume of renewable energy into their networks. This webinar will look at what those challenges to the quality of supply look like and what are some of the solutions deployed by DSOs in the UK and the Netherlands, two of the leading countries in Europe with regards to the energy transition.

Register for our upcoming webinar, taking place on Thursday 29th April, to find out more.

Transactive energy is about using economic mechanisms to balance supply and demand, potentially across the whole electricity system, while meeting customers needs. In this webinar we will explore the drivers and enablers bring the topic of transactive energy into the spotlight today, how the energy system could evolve under transactive energy and what can this transition means for DSOs.

Register for our upcoming webinar, taking place on Wednesday 21st April, to find out more.

Watch this webinar to find out:
• Where in Europe is DSF most attractive today?
• How do 21 European countries compare against five key metrics for DSF activity?
• How is European policy designed to facilitate DSF markets being implemented by member states?

During the launch webinar we share highlights from the 2nd edition of the EU Market Monitor for Demand Side Flexibility. A public version is available for free. Delta-EE Flexibility Research Service subscribers and smartEn members can access additional content on the seven top DSF markets in Europe.

The EU Market Monitor for DSF is a holistic and independent view of the progress of DSF across 21 European countries in 2020.

Watch the webinar and download the slides on our Webinars page.

The European Market Monitor on Energy Storage (EMMES) 5.0 is now available. 

EMMES is produced by leading new energy research consultancy Delta-EE, in close partnership with EASE (European Association for Storage of Energy)

  • Based upon primary research with leading companies and stakeholders, many of whom are members of EASE
  • Market data that companies can rely on, and is updated annually
  • Analysis of EU policy and all the main country markets in Europe – segmenting the residential, commercial/industrial and Front-of-Meter sectors

The fifth edition EMMES 5.0 report updates and extends the previous report (EMMES 4.0) published in March 2020:

  • Country energy storage data (2015-2020)
    • Installed base in the residential, C&I and Frontof-Meter segments
    • Battery sales in the residential and C&I sectors
    • Key developments that explain market trend
  • Forecast of country energy storage markets for 2021
  • Summary of recent market developments
  • Latest update and status of EU policy developments
  • Market hot topic: for EMMES 5.0 this focuses on electricity system network charges

Learn more about the report today.


In the latest episode of Talking New Energy, Jon Slowe talks with Marzia Zafar, Head of Customer Strategy and Policy at Kaluza (part of OVO Group), about the interface of Kaluza’s technology platform with customers, and what the industry should be aspiring for with customer engagement.

You can listen to the episode here, or on your favourite podcast provider.

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