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Delta-ee MicroCHP
Delta-ee Delta-ee MicroCHP

Schneider Electric is a global giant in the energy sector – not in terms of producing energy, but in terms of how we distribute, use and manage energy. Its products and services are found in electricity grids, in industries, and in buildings around the world. Like many, Schneider is embracing the energy transition and embracing digitalisation – what it calls the fourth industrial revolution. In this episode of Talking New Energy, the podcast from Delta-EE, host Jon Slowe is in conversation with Jai Thampi from Schneider Electric. Jai is Senior Vice President for Strategy and Innovation in the Home and Distribution part of Schneider’s energy management business. We’ll be talking about how Jai sees the future of energy in homes, what he thinks Schneider’s role is in this, and how to drive this forward in a large, global company. Listen to the episode below.

We are hearing more and more about hydrogen – and the role it can play in a decarbonising world that will be increasingly electrified. In this episode of Talking New Energy, we're talking to one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electrolysers, Norwegian company Nel Hydrogen, exploring what life is like for them given the rapidly rising interest in hydrogen, and their plans and views on the future. Host Jon Slowe is joined by Raluca Leordeanu, VP of Business Development at Nel Hydrogen.

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Most people are familiar with Local Energy Systems such as energy communities which address the needs of households. The next webinar from our Local Energy Systems research team, taking place on Thursday May 13th, will explore the opportunities for Local Energy Systems in the C&I sectors and will present case studies showcasing examples of C&I Local Energy Systems. It will illustrate different applications and business models such as energy communities, collective self-consumption, and microgrids. Register here.

In this episode of Talking New Energy, our host Jon Slowe and Abhishek Sampat from our EVCS team at Delta-EE talk to Ole Henrik Hannisdahl, CEO of Mer Norway, discussing how to be a profitable public charging provider, customer interactions, experiences, revenue models and key trends in internationalising a public charging network.

Transactive Energy is a term that’s emerged in the last years, but what does it actually mean, how is it emerging, and what does it mean for distribution networks? In this episode of Talking New Energy, host Jon Slowe is joined by Gerben van den Berg, Senior Consultant in Strategy and Corporate Development for Alliander, a distributer of gas, electricity and heat in the Netherlands and Germany; and Delta-EE expert Jeremy Harrison, who leads our Local Energy System research.

Climate change is rising up organisations' agendas, and a good example of this is cities declaring climate emergencies and net-zero or carbon neutrality goals. Targets, visions and aspirations are great, but they need to be backed up with a clear strategy, plan and action. In this episode, we’re delving into cities and the growing number of net-zero declarations, looking at what’s actually going on, and what we can expect to see in the next years. On this episode of Talking New Energy, host Jon Slowe is joined by Sandra Fives, CEO and Co-Founder at Urbanomy, a subsidiary of EDF; James Sterling, Communications, Engagement and Partnerships Manager at Bristol City Council in the UK; and Delta-EE expert Alix Weil.

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