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Delta-ee MicroCHP
Delta-ee Delta-ee MicroCHP

• What kind of business models are being implemented for Local Energy Systems? • How do the various business models actually work, which ones offer the greatest potential? • What is the role for energy suppliers and network operators? • Where does the value come from?

In the previous Delta-EE webinar introducing Local Energy Systems, we presented an overview of the kind of concepts and projects that were emerging. A number of questions were raised, including those above, which this forthcoming webinar will seek to address.

We will outline the characteristics of the various models being implemented and explain their respective advantages and limitations. Some of these are well-established and are both scalable and profitable. Other, more innovative models seek to engage with communities and capture alterative revenue streams in a world where subsidies for renewable energy are being withdrawn.

The webinar will include a number of case studies intended to illustrate particular characteristics which affect the economic or other values of each approach with a detailed look at the German Mieterstrom model.

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In this episode we explore the perspectives of two different types of companies in the area of EVs and e-mobility. Our first guest is John Ryberg, Head of E-Mobility Europe at Alpiq, a Swiss-based utility, with a turnover of around €5bn and active across 25 countries. Our second guest is Chris Pateman-Jones, CEO of Connected Kerb, a new company which focuses on EV charging and data infrastructure. We're also be joined by Delta-EE expert, Abhishek Sampat. We’ll explore each company’s activities and approach, with a focus on both public charging infrastructure and on fleets.

Listen to the episode here.

Energy storage is riding on the back of the photovoltaics boom in Australia, with a growing momentum of networking batteries together to form virtual power plants. In this episode Jon Slowe talks with two people driving this forward: Alice Lang, Head of Future Business Strategy & Operations with utility company AGL; and Alan Reid, Head of Operations at VPP company Reposit Power. Joined by Delta-EE expert Jenny Carson, we explore how virtual power plants are emerging in Australia.

Listen to the episode here.

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