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Delta-ee MicroCHP
Delta-ee Delta-ee MicroCHP

Businesses who don’t engage now risk getting left behind and being subject to increased costs and challenges to meet overall long-term sustainable goals. While organisations that take control of their energy will open up to new exciting opportunities in reducing costs and become more sustainable.

The energy system is undergoing a massive transformation which will impact how businesses use, purchase and manage energy.

Together with Delta-EE, Alpiq has produced a whitepaper to describe what the new energy transitions means for businesses and highlight the opportunities of existing as well as future services.

Industrial & commercial organizations interested in managing their energy needs in a more cost-effective, greener and efficient way can use this paper to understand how they can maximise opportunities presented by the new energy transition.

Download the whitepaper on Alpiq's website.

Energy communities have the potential to transform customer attitudes and the way they engage with the energy system. Peer to peer energy trading models, facilitated by blockchain are also challenging the status quo, while collective self-consumption is stimulating growth of energy communities across Europe. What would it take from energy suppliers to adapt to this new market paradigm?

This webinar will explore:

  • How enthusiastic are consumers about investing in energy communities?
  • What business models are emerging?
  • How will this impact the existing energy supply industry?

Register here for the webinar.

The rise of EV adoption across Europe is leading to a step change in how electricity is consumed at home. Delta-EE presents its analysis from its EV Owner Survey 2020 and other research to explain how EV owners are charging EVs at home, what this is costing them, and how the sector is reacting to this fast evolving customer segment.

Register for our upcoming webinar, taking place on Wednesday 14th October at 10am BST, to learn more.

In the latest episode of Talking New Energy, our podcast, we talk about Home Energy Management (HEM) from the perspective of two large European energy retailers: Centrica and E.ON. We discuss how home energy management will grow over the coming years and what propositions and services customers will want.

Host Jon Slowe is joined by Alex Cirlan, Founder of E.ON Home, and Director of Product Development and Software and E.ON Group, and Neal Coady, Director of Product, HEM, at Centrica. Alix Weil, Delta-EE connected home expert, also joins.

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