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Delta-ee MicroCHP
Delta-ee Delta-ee MicroCHP

Delta-EE is working in partnership with Energy Systems Catapult and Oxford Computer Consultants as the management contractors on the project. Delta-EE will be analysing and sharing results from the project on the approaches, successes and lessons on recruiting householders, carrying out home surveys and installing heat pumps. Delta-EE is also responsible for creating a user guide for householders involved in the project and a series of case studies.
Look out for our reports in 2021.

Register for our upcoming webinar to explore EV Charging at the Crossroads: Introducing the fast, the curious and the race for scale. 

The Global Mobility Team at Drake Star Partners will co-host this webinar with EV experts at Delta-EE, sharing our combined views on the most recent market and investment developments within the EV Charging domain.

Topics covered will include:

  1. Complexity of EV charging ecosystem
  2. Finding Value in EV charging
  3. Drivers behind sector consolidation
  4. Capital formation developments
  5. What’s next - Future investments and M&A expectations

Register for the webinar today.

  • How can we make money out of local energy systems? What are the opportunities now and in the future?
  • What are the social and environmental values and benefits that local energy systems bring?
  • What are the potential roles for incumbents, and is the localisation of energy a threat or opportunity?
  • How do we engage communities to support, optimise and influence the development of local energy?
  • How are regulations and market structures for local energy systems emerging across Europe, and how are these shaping the opportunities?

Delta-EE's Local Energy Systems Research Service answers all these questions and provides analysis, insight and opinion on how local energy communities, markets and microgrids are growing, enabling you to develop the right strategy and activities to respond to the challenges and capture the opportunities.

Visit for further information.

What kind of business models are being implemented for Local Energy Systems? How do the various business models actually work, which ones offer the greatest potential? What is the role for energy suppliers and network operators? Where does the value come from?

In the previous Delta-EE webinar introducing Local Energy Systems, we presented an overview of the kind of concepts and projects that were emerging. A number of questions were raised, including those above, which this webinar will seek to address.

We outline the characteristics of the various models being implemented and explain their respective advantages and limitations. Some of these are well-established and are both scalable and profitable. Other, more innovative models seek to engage with communities and capture alterative revenue streams in a world where subsidies for renewable energy are being withdrawn.

The webinar includes a number of case studies intended to illustrate particular characteristics which affect the economic or other values of each approach with a detailed look at the German Mieterstrom model.

Can Energy Communities fund the energy transition?  

Against the background of the worst recession in the last three centuries, the EU ambition to deliver a trillion-dollar infrastructure investment initiative seems ambitious. It raises one simple question. Where is the money going to come from? 

And the answer? Maybe from you! 

Find out more about energy communities in our latest whitepaper, available to download here.

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