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Delta-ee MicroCHP
Delta-ee Delta-ee MicroCHP

We are looking for a Product Manager - Networks, Head of Flexibility/Energy Storage, and Head of Sales.

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Catch up on the latest webinar from our heat research team.

More attention than ever is being focussed on improving Europe’s existing buildings & tackling carbon emissions from heating and cooling. Multiple technology solutions exist to improve heating efficiency and decarbonise home comfort. But pure electrification faces possible challenges dealing with winter peaks, and decarbonised gases - while promising - are currently a long way off being available in the quantities needed.

Natural gas use is coming under increasing pressure, but is unlikely to phased out any time soon. Within this mix, hybrid heat pumps can offer the best of both worlds: making use of low carbon electricity & reducing natural gas use today, while alleviating grid constraints & keeping the door open for decarbonised gases in the future. Join the Delta-EE Heat team for this webinar where we will present our views & insights on:

  • Where the market is at for hybrid heat pumps in Europe today
  • What benefits hybrid heat pumps can bring, to end-users and to commercial players in the energy system
  • How long the window of opportunity might be for hybrid heat pumps in Europe

Watch the webinar on Youtube.

Download the slides here.

The spotlight on hydrogen is getting ever stronger. It will, for sure, play a role in the energy transition. The precise size and nature of that role is still to be determined. Today we’re focusing on Scotland, where clean hydrogen definitely exists on the ground, and where hydrogen is likely to have a significant role in the future.

Host of the Talking New Energy podcast Jon Slowe is joined for the latest episode by Nigel Holmes, CEO of the Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Association; Neil Kermode,  Managing Director of the European Marine Energy Centre in Orkney; and Delta-EE expert Jeremy Harrison.

Listen here or search for us on your favourite podcast provider.

The energy system is currently undergoing a transformation of increasing decarbonisation, decentralisation and digitalisation. This means the way in which energy is generated, used and managing is changing and this will profoundly change the way businesses engage with energy. Join Delta-EE and Alpiq for this webinar to find out:

• What does this mean for industrial and commercial businesses?
• How will services in the new energy world meet their needs?
• How can businesses act now to maximise opportunities?

Catch up on our recent webinar, held jointly with Alpiq, either by downloading the slides or watching the recording.

Roxanne Pieterse, Analyst and manager of Delta-EE's Heating Business Service, will speak at this event on The Future of Servitisation in an Evolving World.

Hosted by BASE, the E-Summit will highlight how the game-changing CaaS business model works in various regions and sectors. The free-to-attend virtual event will feature several case studies as well as various technical sessions on the contractual arrangements, pricing models, financial structures, and more.

The E-Summit will bring together business and building managers, financial institutions and investment funds, cooling equipment manufactures and contractors, energy service companies, and experts from various disciplines interested in the mechanics of the model.

From anywhere in the world, you will be able to join and debate with industry leaders on important questions such as:

  • How can we implement CaaS for our industry?
  • What are the benefits of CaaS?
  • Where has CaaS been implemented already and which technologies have been already deployed with CaaS?
  • What are the typical financial returns of CaaS?
  • How does CaaS leverage the value of digital technologies?
  • And how do we overcome the challenges to deploy CaaS at scale?

Register here.

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