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Delta-ee MicroCHP
Delta-ee Delta-ee MicroCHP

Regen will host Electric Vehicle and Electricity System Forum – Electrifying Fleets in Burges Salmon, London on the 5th of June. 

"The event will look at the challenges, opportunities and incentives for the electrification of fleets, enabling informed and in-depth debate for fleet managers services, DNOs, investors and many others."

Challenges and potential solutions discussed will include: "the current progress of fleet electrification, the challenges around charging for fleet depots, the importance of data in planning fleet deployment and how we can use the role of electric fleets to incentivise public electric vehicle uptake and potential impacts on the second hand market."

William van der Byl, Delta-ee's analyst, will attend the event.

Find more information on the event here.

Western Power Distribution will hold Balancing Act Conference 2019 in Westminster on the 20th of June.

"Discussions will include: use of state estimation in network operation and control, intelligent monitoring and analysis of power quality and harmonics, voltage optimisation and coordinated reactive power control, mitigation of fault level issues using Fault Current Limiting Interrupters (FCLi) and LV Fault Location"

Delta-ee's analyst, Maria Stamouli, will attend the event.

Visit for more information on the event. 

This article was published by the FCDIC in The Journey of Fuel Cell Technology, Volume 18 No. 4, in Spring 2019.

"The UK holds much promise for the development of a residential fuel cell micro-CHP (FC m-CHP) market given how prominent natural gas currently is a heating source. However, activities to date have largely focused on demonstrations and field trials. Presently there are two appliances commercially available for customers which, between them, account for less than 10% of the installed base of systems. At present there is a high level of uncertainty around the short-term future of incentives for all small-scale generators; FC m-CHP included. There is a growing need for innovation from the supply side in terms of attractive offers and new business models which appeal to customer drivers other than financial ones, and that enable sales to get to scale more quickly. Current payback periods based on a capital purchase are around 12 years. Over the longer-term, the UK could find itself in a fairly unique situation compared to many European neighbours in that the use of hydrogen as a heating fuel is being seriously considered. In time, this could lead to significant opportunities for FC m-CHP, however there remains much proof-of-concept effort required in the meantime."

Visit our public studies webpage to download the reports.

For further information, contact [email protected].

“Britain is at risk of missing its climate change targets if more people do not adopt smart meter devices”. The latest public report by Delta-ee for Smart Energy GB has created discussion around the need for smart meters to achieve environmental targets and more sustainable living.

Delta-ee’s head of operations, Andrew Turton, says “To decarbonise the energy system and meet our climate change targets, we need much more flexibility to allow for the integration of decentralised low carbon technologies... This system needs customers to use energy at the times when low carbon supply is available. This in turn, requires energy demands to be accurately measured in near real-time... Smart meters are an essential building block in achieving these aims, and will provide the necessary consumption data to sooner reach a low carbon system.”

Read the full article here.

Smart Energy GB is hosting a seated breakfast for MPs, peers and external stakeholders on the 5th of June at the House of Commons. 

Delta-ee's head of operations, Andrew Turton, will be speaking at the event about smart meters.

For more information on smart meters, visit the Smart Energy GB webiste.

"Climate change is the largest challenge facing our generation. The UK has strong ambitions to reduce climate change causing emissions and alleviate the worst impacts of global warming. However, the recent IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) special report on the impact of rising temperatures has given a clear message that we need to go even further, even quicker."

The latest public reports from Delta-ee are now available. These reports produced for Smart Energy GB look at cost savings households could make within a smart energy future, and the role of smart meters in mitigating climate change.

Visit our public studies webpage to download the reports.

For further information, contact [email protected].

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