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Delta-ee MicroCHP
Delta-ee Delta-ee MicroCHP

"The energy sector is a relative latecomer to digitalisation, giving it the chance to learn from mistakes of others. However, as the sector moves to modernise its infrastructure and take advantage of the huge quantity of customer data it has access to, it risks moving from a legacy of politicised regulation and high stakes interventions around oil and energy into a tech sector where the same characteristics are increasingly appearing around data. Considering the history of the energy sector and the lessons learned by tech companies, what are the eight questions these companies should be asking themselves?"

We have just published a whitepaper alongside Access Partnership, looking at eight lessons energy companies can learn from the tech sector. The whitepaper can be downloaded from our public studies webpage or you can open the PDF here.

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The Freedom hybrid heating project has won Business Green Award last week for R&D Programme of the year. The NIA innovation project for Wales and West Utilities and Western Power Distribution ran a field trial of 75 hybrid heating systems with optimised controls to minimise network impacts whilst maximising customer value.  The project was led by PassivSystems and supported by Delta Energy and Environment, Imperial College, and City University. 

You can read more about the awards here - 

Delta-ee’s work on the project examined the customer attitudes to the hybrid heating installations and looked at how new business models could be developed to improve the uptake of hybrid systems maximising decarbonisation potential whilst maintaining a cost effective heat supply to customers. 

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