hydrogen storage tank

Imagine it's the year 2030, and the gas boiler that's been keeping you warm from the basement of your home in Bavaria, (or from your larder in Lombardy, or attic in Amsterdam) breaks down for good. Do you replace it with an electric heat pump? Or, do you convert to hydrogen and swap the old boiler out for a new hydrogen-burning model? A commodity market in green (renewable) hydrogen has appeared since you last needed the services of a heating installer, so it is now a real possibility. If you were interested in this option, you could even consider a hydrogen-powered fuel cell, gas heat pump, or hybrid heat pump instead. The most important factor for you is a system that gives the lowest possible heating costs.

In Delta-EE’s latest subscriber report, the Gas Heating Service has analysed what the relative end-user heating costs could be for all of these technology options, across Europe's five largest gas heating markets – that is a total market opportunity of over 60 million dwellings. The results are very intriguing.

If you are interested to learn more about the work Delta-EE is doing on the subject of hydrogen-based heating don't spend the next 10 years deliberating it, check out our service webpage or get in touch directly.

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