someone using their smartphone to control their heating

Heat as a service is key to making the decarbonisation of heat affordable for customers. In our latest webinar on this topic we will be answering some frequently asked questions about heat as a service, including:

  1. What are the commercial benefits?
  2. How can supply chains deliver it?
  3. How are companies financing it?
  4. What if customers stop paying?
  5. What is the outlook?

We will share examples of business models, findings from customer research, and our views of how this market will evolve.

We are pleased to be joined on this webinar by Iain McKechnie, Director of Strategic Programmes at the Advanced Services Group of Aston Business School. The Advanced Services Group helps manufacturing and technology-innovating firms to embed research methods, tools and frameworks into their operations and to assist them in the design of their advanced services.

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