A new Delta-EE Multi-Client Research Study

Flexibility services for Distribution System Operators (DSOs)

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“The new multi-client research study by Delta-EE provides leading insight from the European markets to help electricity network operators, the flexibility industry, and other stakeholders understand the road to demand-side flexibility for distribution networks becoming business as usual.”
Andrew Turton, Head of Operations

Managing distribution networks will become more challenging as transport and heat are increasingly electrified, and distributed generation grows. The use of Demand-side ‘behind the meter’ or ‘demand-side’ flexibility is potentially one of the major tools available to electricity distribution network companies to manage capacity on their networks. Use of demand-side flexibility is moving beyond technical trials into early commercial activity, in some markets actively encouraged by regulators.

This is new activity for many most distribution companies and providers of flexibility; lessons are being learnt with varying degrees of success; a number of different approaches are being pursued. How can network operators best use demand-side flexibility as a new tool to manage capacity and network operation?

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This Delta-EE Multi-Client Study will help you to develop your approach to demand-side flexibility by:

  • Understanding the actions and strategies from electricity distribution companies across Europe (and where relevant beyond) and the lessons learnt from early commercialisation.
  • Providing insight into the drivers behind demand-side flexibility and how these may apply across different markets.
  • Identifying and evaluating the types of commercial models and delivery strategies which are being used by electricity network operators to trade demand-side flexibility to defer reinforcement costs and more actively manage their networks.
  • Gaining insight into providers of demand-side flexibility (and flexibility marketplaces), how to segment them, and how to engage with them.
  • Understanding the types and sources of demand-side flexibility that are being used, how they are being accessed and aggregated, and insights into how firm and enduring they will be.
If you would like to find out more about our this multi-client study, please get in touch.

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