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European Heat Summit 2019

September 2019


European Heat Summit 2019

The European Heat Summit 2019 took place at The Bloomsbury Hotel in London. The event brought together key players to discuss the latest developments and expectations for the future of heat in Europe. The key themes of the event included decarbonisation, disruption to heat business models, flexibility and hydrogen.

To find out more about the issues discussed, you can read the blog on the event.


Day 1

Technology perspective: Delta-EE’s top 5 sweet spots in ‘new heat’

Decarbonisation is driving a shift in heating technology towards being more efficient, more connected and more integrated. We presented Delta-EE’s view of 2019’s top 5 opportunities in ‘new heat’ technologies. We welcomed subscribers’ Q&A, views and input to the roundtable discussion.

New heat customer propositions: How to bring the customer with you

Customers of the future will be more informed, more active and more powerful in decision-making about heat. What does this mean for the heating industry? We presented highlights from our own customer research and market insight, then welcomed subscribers’ Q&A, views and input to the roundtable discussion.

New heat routes to market: The evolving role of the heating installer

The traditional two-tier route to market may no longer dominate in the future, as focus on services (and not only products) brings new competition and shifting roles of key stakeholders. We will present highlights from Delta-EE’s own installer research, then welcome subscribers’ Q&A, views and input to the roundtable discussion.

Industry Perspective: Breakout sessions & Discussion: Understanding the customer and the installer of the future

Two breakout sessions where we split into groups to discuss opposing views on the needs of the customer of the future and the role of the installer in the future route to market for heat.

Day 2

Opening, scene setting – Decarbonisation and the transition to new heat


The European heating market is seeing greater disruption than ever before as it transitions from old heat to new heat – decarbonisation policy is tightening, new technology ecosystems are emerging, new competition is threatening the incumbent heating players, and the traditional heat sales channels and customer propositions are being shaken up.  We will set the scene, exploring how decarbonisation pathways for heat are evolving in Europe, in the context of this transition.


Lindsay Sugden, Head of Heat Research, Delta-EE

Rachel Hay, Lead Analyst – Buildings, Committee on Climate Change

Paul Chambers, Head of Buildings, Electrification and System Transformation in the Clean Heat Directorate, BEIS


Disruption to heat business models: From kWh to comfort


Traditional heat business models are evolving beyond just selling kWh. New customer propositions such as ‘Heat as a Service’ are emerging which promise to erode customer barriers to the uptake of low carbon heating. Digitalisation and connectivity is bringing more information – and potentially decision-making power – to the customer.  Since last year, we see a step change in how this disruption is evolving – from trials and pilots to real commercial projects. In this session, we will focus on the evolution of customer propositions – who will be the winners in the future heating market, and with what propositions?


Roxanne Pieterse, Heat Insight Service Manager, Delta-EE

Ed Hunt, Service Design Lead Consultant, Energy Systems Catapult

Steve Djob, Business Development, Engie Digital

Andreas Ballhausen, Managing Director, Viessmann


Disruption to heat business models: From shifting boxes to selling services


Heat business models are moving beyond shifting boxes towards service-based offerings. New routes to market such as online sales platforms are increasingly threatening the traditional sales channels.  Emerging, innovative concepts to achieve mass building retrofit are making inroads in some markets.  In this session, we focused on route-to-market disruptions – how will heating products and services be sold in future, and who will the key stakeholders be?


Erica Marshall Cross, Analyst, Delta-EE

Kristofer Fichtner, Co-Founder, Ecoworks

Joris Jonker, Founder / CEO, The FCTR E

Lucas Koczian, Head of Product Portfolio, Thermondo


Innovations in new heat 


The transition to new heat is driving innovation, aiming to tackle retrofit, move closer to zero carbon new build, and capture value for customers and market stakeholders.  We were joined by key technology manufacturers & solutions providers to share highlights of the latest innovation emerging to support the transition from old heat to new heat.


Robert Bloom, Analyst, Delta-EE

Rik Temmink, Chief Product Officer, Green Energy Options Limited (geo)

Nicolas Bernagaud, International Business Developer, GEO PLC

Paul Schwartz, CEO & Founder, Thermolift

Justin Ashton, VP of Product, Modern Electron


Electrification of heat and decarbonising the electricity system: Opportunities from sector coupling


As the electricity sector decarbonises, the need for energy system flexibility is rising. For electric heating (and cooling) products, the ability to control the timing of demand is becoming more important than the amount of demand.  Business models utilising the flexible operation of residential electric heating products are beginning to move from the trial stage to commercial reality in some markets, potentially creating value for customers, networks, energy suppliers and new entrants.  Gas players are engaging too, seeing the potential to contribute to the flexibility of the whole energy system.  We explored the outlook for those trying to capture value from this flexibility and discuss the activities (and successes) of a range of players.


Cate Lyon, Electrification of Heat Service Manager, Delta-EE

Ian Rose, Professional Services Director, Passiv Systems

Håkan Ludvigson, CEO & Founder, Eliq

John Tillema, Founder & CTO, TWTG


Hydrogen for heat: Hype, hope or a silver bullet?


Hydrogen is a hot topic with policy makers in many markets at the moment, not least for its potential role in decarbonising gas. It is clear that hydrogen will be a part of the future energy system – though “hydrogen for heat” is moving forward at very different rates in different markets, with some uncertainties remaining about how it will be used.  Some manufacturers have already jumped ahead of the curve, launching hydrogen boilers and fuel cells, and others point to the potential for “hydrogen hybrids”. We explored in this session, how hydrogen for heat is evolving in key markets, how it could interplay with other energy vectors, and what the impact could be on the heating market.


Steven Ashurst, Gas Heating Service Manager, Delta-EE

Marco Bijkerk, Manager Innovative New Technologies, Remeha

Liliane Wietzerbin, Head of International Affairs & International Development, GRDF

Mark Wheeldon, Hydrogen Programme Manager, SGN

Margot Loudon, Executive Advisor Retail, Eurogas

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