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European Heat Summit 2018

June 2018


European Heat Summit 2018

The European Heat Summit 2018 took place at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Berlin, Germany. The event brought together subscribers of the Gas Heating Service and Electrification of Heat Service, as well as other industry guests. At the summit, we took a customer-centric, bottom-up approach with the consumer at the foundation of the agenda. Find out more about the event on our blog.

The morning sessions focused on customer empowerment and the business models which support them; the afternoon sessions considered the infrastructure and system impacts and the policy measures which will be required to meet these aspirations and at the same time deliver on Europe’s ambitions for a low carbon energy future.

The programme drew on a number of Delta-EE studies and analysis and were enriched with contributions from industry speakers with experience in specific parts of this agenda.



Day 1

Electrification of Heat Roundtable

Our research shows the growing importance of electrically-driven heating in the European heating market, especially in countries where decarbonisation of heat and stabilisation of the electricity supply is high on the agenda. The regular addition of new business models to the value chain underlines the high value that this sector can generate for both current and new stakeholders.


This invitation-only roundtable will allow Delta-EE subscribers and selected guests to come together to view highlights from the Electrification of Heat Service, and to explore key topics in the European electrically-driven heating market. We also held a workshop to explore methods of increasing installer engagement with electrically-driven heating.  


State of the European Electrically-driven Heating Market: Overview of the key industry trends and future outlook.


Felicity Tolley, Analyst and manager of the Electrification of Heat Service, Delta-EE 

Vincenzo Belletti, EU Project Manager, European Heat Pump Association (EHPA)


Success and challenges in the routes to market: Presentation and discussion let by Delta-EE, with insights from specifically selected guest speakers:


Cate Lyon, Analyst, Delta-EE 

Ian Rose, Professional Services Director, PassivSystems

Michael Koch, Deputy Managing Director, Bundesverband Wärmepumpe (German Heat Pump Association)


Workshop: Optimising installer uptake of electrically-driven heating options: Discussion led by Delta-EE


A facilitated workshop discussion to explore the methods which industry can employ to encourage installers to increase uptake of heat pumps. Installer engagement and capability are key barriers to growth in electrification of heat.


Karl Drage, CEO, Smart Renewable Heat


Micro-CHP and High Efficiency Gas Heating Roundtable


Delta-EE’s Gas Heating Service provides insight for the heating, energy and service industries on the future of gas heating in buildings. It is widely accepted that if decarbonisation goals are to be achieved, this sector must evolve. Options include the introduction of new products that use fuel more efficiently – e.g. fuel cells, micro-CHP or hybrids – or via a transition to lower-carbon forms of gas, like biomethane or hydrogen. Our unique invitation-only roundtable event offers the chance for Delta-EE subscribers and selected stakeholder guests to come together to discuss the future of the gas heating market in Europe, get up to speed with the latest market and policy developments, and showcase emerging market hotspots.


State of the European high efficiency & low carbon gas heating market

Overview of market status and key industry trends – presentation and discussion led by Delta-EE, with updates from invited speakers


Gas Heating Service – overview and recent highlights (Steven Ashurst & Valentin Noilhetas, Delta-EE) 

COGEN Europe – PACE and EU policy update (Alexandra Tudoroiu-Lakavičė, Regulatory Affairs Manager)


Insights from emerging technologies and potential market hotspots – GHP & Hybrids

Insights from specially selected guest speakers and discussion led by Delta-EE, focusing on new technology trends


BoostHEAT – European gas engine heat pump perspective (Norbert Dischinger, Regional Director)

Stone Mountain Technologies (SMTI) – North American sorption heat pump perspective (Michael Garrabrant, President)

Vaillant – Hybrid heat pumps (Markus Wieber, Senior Manager Market Intelligence)


Role of gas heating in the energy transition

A facilitated roundtable discussion on the steps industry can take to introduce new products and new business models, and to debate the way forward for key stakeholders in the gas heating sector, with input from selected speakers.


Sunfire – fuel cells for the off-grid market (Andreas Froemmel, VP Sales & Marketing)

BDR Thermea – the development of a hydrogen boiler (Jeff House, head of External Affairs)


Day 2


Empowering the customer

The session will investigate how consumer attitudes to heating are changing and explore the potential for end-users to disrupt the marketplace for low carbon heating.


Key findings from the Delta-EE customer panel
Steven Ashurst, Senior Analyst, Delta-EE

Stephan Herwig, Chief Marketing Officer, Thermondo

Simon Phelan, CEO, HomeTree

Michael Hollins, Head of Smart Devices, Warmup


New and emerging business models

The session will explore which emerging business models and new routes to market are impacting the low carbon heating sector, and where they are gaining traction.


Key business model trends in the European heat market

Felicity Tolley, Analyst, Delta-EE

Norbert Dischinger, Regional Director (Germany), BoostHeat

Oliver Golly, Global Head of Home Heating, E.ON

Eberhard Holstein, Chief Representative, Digital Energy Solutions GmbH


Unlocking value for and supporting the networks

This session will explore how both high-efficiency gas and electric heating technologies can offer solutions to some of the challenges facing gas and electricity network operators.


Unlocking value and incentivising customers
Valentin Noilhetas, Analyst, Delta-EE

Matthew Hindle, Head of Gas, Energy Networks Association (ENA)

Brian Montayne, Manager, ESB eHeat

Mathieu Bineau, CEO, Voltalis

Regis Contreau, Product Manager, GrDF


The Future of Heat

A discussion amongst leading industry experts and policymakers about which of these topic areas they see driving the development of the heating market in the coming years.


Jeremy Harrison, Principal Analyst, Delta-EE 

Pieter van Alphen, CEO, Techneco 

Vincenzo Belletti, EU Project Manager, European Heat Pump Association (EHPA)

Hans Korteweg, Managing Director, COGEN Europe

Erik Schumacher, Divisional Head – Stationary Fuel Cells (NIP), NOW GmbH





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